First post!

Hey, look at that! I have a blog.

And now I guess I have to write in it… yea that’s usually how it works.

Spring is coming!!! The sun is shining and the birds (and bully squirrel) are crowding the bird feeders, and there are even these brave little flowers poking their pretty little heads out over in my garden!!!

(We’re just going to ignore the fact that has some form of snow prediction slathered all over the next three days after this.)

Yesterday I went nuts on and begged Ma to order me a hibiscus, and red and orange honeysuckle, and a GIANT lily.

The blooms are supposed to reach up to 15″ across.
I NEED these in my garden. :D

I can’t wait to see how the garden comes out this year!!! We put a whole new rose garden in last year–fingers crossed for a full bloom!

I should go be productive; it’s off to the train station in an hour and a half. I’ll leave you with this: the scene I was greeted with, as usual, upon returning home from my morning physics class…

What a life, huh?


2 responses to “First post!

  1. Nice. Great occasion to start off, — it’s spring, new blooms, new efforts. Keep it up

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