Totally showing off today.

To me, at least, there’s nothing quite like a drive home with Beethoven’s 6th symphony blasting away.

So I’m in a good mood. :D

This morning I woke up early–or was woken up, I should say, by Raja–to film a round of play between him and Baba for use in my animal play class. It was the usual routine–rough-housing, catch-the-feet, tug-of-war… except at the end Raja turned around and noticed that yes, I was still in the room, and decided it was my turn to participate. I got almost five minutes of footage, so hopefully the prof won’t find anything to complain about.
I have to say–my dog is adorable. (And my dad is awesome.)

So anyways, in other news: ready yourselves!! This post will be the first of many to feature my babies. That’s right: my orchids. For those of you who don’t know about this whole obsession-thing of mine… well, you’re about to find out.

The first orchid I’ve ever bloomed at home just (FINALLY) opened up a bud last week. (This is this particular Phal’s second spiking for me–the first bloom was last year.) Since I’ve got a blog now, I get to show off our prized beauties. :D Look how pretty!!!

It’s probably a bit weird how proud I am of this plant.
Also, I’ll give you a quick peak of the little monster I’ve been obsessing over for the last few MONTHS. I’ve been waiting–rather impatiently–for this bud to open up; this Slc. Jewel Box ‘Dark Waters’ will be my first Cattleya ever to bloom for me.

Just looking at that picture makes me wriggle with anticipation. (Expect a big giant glorious picture once that sucker opens up!!)

On another topic–in all the excitement for the imminent arrival of spring, I randomly decided I want to hang a bird-feeder from underneath the roof outside my window, so I can wake up every morning and see little friends busy munching away out there. (GET THE LADDER OUT, THIS IS TOTALLY HAPPENING!) I need to find (or make) a nice, simplistic bird-feeder, one that’s got that natural zen feel to it. We have a generic one out in the backyard… but I want something more fitting to my room outside my window.
:D I love little projects.

Alright–I’m off to mash together a presentation on my now-irrelevant previous thesis topic. (I’m totally not discussing that train-wreck on this blog post… I’m just not. …although I will mention that I left the school last night feeling like I was one deep breath away from spontaneously mutating into King Kong and wreaking havoc on the city… just for amusement’s sake.)

Happy Wednesday!! :)


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