What a day.

It has been a snowy, soggy, rainy, very confused day.
When I woke up at 7:30 this morning for physics, there was this fluffy stuff floating in lazy hoards from the sky. It was actually pretty nice–nothing was sticking, and it was very pretty and not quite as aggressively wet as rain tends to be.
When I got out of class, the snow had gotten angrier: it still wasn’t sticking (never did, actually), but it was wetter, and heavier, and WOAH windy.
When I left for the dentist’s office, it was just plain raining. Very wet.

Look how confused!!!

And I think it’s been doing that since… although here in New York, at least at the time that I arrived here, it was snowing?

It’s kinda funny, too, because I think the crazy weather has me acting a little crazier than the usual baseline (although, I will admit–that baseline may already be a teeny bit high to begin with…)

The term “little” up there ^ in that previous statement might actually be a HUUUGE understatement.
Today during the break in class, I told my professor “I love you” after he agreed be my new advisor.
..oh boy.
(In my defense, there has been a LOT of stress associated with my thesis so far, so his agreeing to be my advisor was honestly equal in experience, for me, to being released into a room full of puppies.)

But yeah… I totally just did that.
I need to hire a guy with a tranquilizer gun to follow me around and dart me every time I’m about to do something just like that.

So, I guess since I mentioned “thesis,” I can continue on that topic for a teeny bit longer. Basically, the whole issue became a train-wreck two nights ago–to no fault of my own (I swear!), although I’m not going to go into details of what happened (maybe much, much later I will). Anyway: although I was given the offer to restart my original (previously falsely-rejected) thesis on horses, I have essentially resolved that I refuse to go back to that idea–I’m sick of it, I’m bitter, I’m angry, and I hold grudges. (Not to mention I’d have trouble getting a subject list together again.)
In fretting over the schedule of classes, work, and internship hours threatening to cave in over my head this coming summer, I had an epiphany.
NOCTURNAL ANIMALS. I’ve always loved bats and owls and possums and such; let’s study one! I’ve found a few bat researchers relatively nearby to home, so I will do everything in my power to get a project with one of them. I LOVE the idea of working with bats.

I may be in the minority here: but I really, really think they’re adorable.

Also, working with nocturnal animals would mean that there is NO WAY that my data collection schedule could conflict with the rest my chaos.

Alright, enough with the school stuff. ICK.

My dentist, while busy poking around in my mouth, ranted and raved to me about zucchini flowers and how wonderfully tasty they are. He showed me a picture of ones he had grown in his garden; I have to say, they may be yummy, sure, but oh! They’re pretty, too! Wanna see?

I’m sorta wondering if these would be nice to put somewhere in the garden… I like zucchini..

On another note: I realized today while daydreaming about the bird-feeder I intend on hanging from the roof outside my window that I have NO idea how I plan on keeping that thing filled. Climb over my orchids, lift the screen, and then hang waist-forward out the window with a bag of bird food? Or bust out the two-story ladder every few days?

This could most certainly be a problem.
BUT I WILL FIGURE IT OUT, JUST YOU WATCH! (the solution might end up involving some strange Mr.Bean-esque device on the end of a pole… but it WILL happen.)

Alright, I’m exhausted, and I feel like today’s post most likely isn’t very riveting today… but hey, I guess that’s life. Sometimes the weather, the dentist, and school manage to band efforts and commandeer the day.

Good night all! (And thanks for reading!)


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