And the weather is still so confused…

So, on Friday morning, after that totally confusing day of rain and snow and wind and sludge, I woke up and was temporarily blinded by the bright whiteness outside my window.

It was BEAUTIFUL. And very strange. I could see a full blanket of snow, but I could also hear birds singing just outside my window. The source?

My camera really doesn’t do this brilliant little guy any justice whatsoever. Apparently, this little man has taken up territory somewhere around our house–he spent the whole day on our bird-feeder, and when I looked over today, he was there again. Upon seeing him, Baba suggested I put up some birdhouses. GLADLY!!!
I’m definitely hanging a few more bird-feeders from that tree–the one we have on there now is VERY popular. Here’s another little guy from two days ago:

So we got a pretty snow day, and then the next day (tomorrow) ended up being GLORIOUS. 50°F, bright, warm sunshine.
I had to spend the whole day at work though. :(
But the weather channel said today would be just as glorious, so I was thrilled!!! Planned to spend the entire day out in the garden, celebrating the coming of spring.
Too bad they totally bombed on that prediction. It’s 43°F out, with a very chilly breeze. So much for spending the day in the garden.
There’s a prediction for another rain/snow mix coming this Friday. New Jersey sucks.
EXACTLY why I’m moving to Hawai’i the first chance I get.

Honestly: this place is depressing.

Anyway, enough with the negative.

I get to put up new bird-feeders and birdhouses!!! YESSS.
And, to solve the problem acknowledged in the last post, about refilling the bird-feeder I wanted to put outside my window: I expressed my disappointment to my dad, who just shrugged and told me to hang the feeder from a long string that I could tie to an anchor point that I could reach from down on the ground outside. All I’d need to do is lower the feeder down when it came time to filling, and then hoist it right back up. Easy!!
I love my dad.

In other news, my Cattleya opened up!!!!! This morning!!!! It’s still not full-spread, so I’ll wait till this evening to take a picture. I can’t wait. Expect a new hardcore bragging post the moment it’s fully bloomed.
It’s GORGEOUS. What a color!! I’m so proud. :D

I stayed up until about 4:20 this morning skyping with Maria. So much love. <3 If only Boston was closer to here.

I’m going to Lowes with Ma. I’ll write again later today.


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