Some stories do have happy endings.

So,  last night I started writing that promised second post of the day, to brag about my Cattleya bloom and my happily sprouting garden, when, about halfway through my intended post, Raja collapsed and started twitching and heaving.

The last 24 hours have been a walk through hell, complete with heartbreak and some moments of complete and total loss of hope. We took my poor dog to three different vet hospitals total, to suspect, diagnose, and then surgically remove a 9 centimeter cavitated mass via emergency splenectomy. When we left him at the first hospital–the only place we were familiar with that stays open 24/7–we were warned that he probably wouldn’t make it through the night. He did, though, and we took him to our local vet hospital (where our regular vet is) for diagnosis and a decision. I have previously spent hours and hours shadowing behind-the-scenes there, the vet staff there were very, very kind and understanding and allowed me to stay by Raja’s side throughout the whole diagnostic process (and to barrage them with my hundreds of questions and concerns). Once the diagnosis was made, we decided as a family (Joe went late, late last night and drove Shubi home from school so he could be here too) to give Raja the best chance he has and to go through with the surgery, and so we all shipped over to a bigger vet hospital with overnight care and such.

I got the phone call just a few hours ago that the surgery was over, that the removal was clean and without complications, and that Raja was already breathing on his own again and recovering well.

We are all beside ourselves with relief. We’ll have the cutest, sweetest, most patient member of our family back at home in a couple of days.

We will forever be grateful to every person who has played a part in supporting us and making sure that Raja will get to return home and sleep upside-down on his favorite futon many times over again. That dog is our everything; he may be old, and he may be a little slower than he used to be, but he’s still got so much life left in him, and we are so overjoyed to know that he’s going to be okay. <3


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