Parents called to check up on Raja this morning–he is doing fine and healing up well. Maybe he’ll come home tomorrow!

So, in other news…

I still haven’t posted any pictures of my first Cattleya bloom! So, this is a shot of the first day it was open:

It wasn’t open all the way yet (you can see that bits of it were still crinkly), and the color is actually MUCH darker, so I’ll have to take a more recent picture and show off my flower again another day. (I’d do it today, but it’s SO dark and cloudy today, I can’t manage to get a decent photo.)
So you’ll just have to see my pretty little Cattleya a few times. :D

On Sunday, Ma and I ordered a gorgeous hummingbird feeder I found on, and I’m so excited to put it up when it gets here. It’s handmade by a zookeeper (<3) all the way over in Tucson, Arizona (<3), and it’s EXACTLY what I wanted.

Wednesday we’re supposed to get a 52°F mostly sunny day, so keep your fingers crossed! I want to spend my tiny break between classes outside in the garden! I’m in desperate need of some sunshine here. Ma and I did a good deal of gardening on Sunday afternoon (even though it was actually a little too chilly for that kind of activity), and once we raked away all the leaves, we found all sorts of little green babies already sprouting up!
I need Jackson & Perkins to have a sale. There’s still a hole in the front of my garden for a miniature rose, and I want this one!!!

Baba and I still need to install the water feature we’ve been planning for the backyard. Let’s try to actually get it done this year!! I want to put all those pretty aquatic plants in there, like water lilies and lotuses! LIKE THIS ONE:



Anyway, I’m going to go take a nap before I have to leave for the evening class.
Maybe I’ll get to dream of basking in the sun with my dog, in my garden grown wild with lilies and roses. :)


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