Self-prescribed therapy.

As was promised, today was a warm, sunny day. Had this been in a different context, I would have sprung joyfully around the house and yard, singing and dancing in praise of the arrival of Spring.
As you know, though, if you’ve glanced through the last few days’ posts, things are different this week; my mood is very much more in the direction of morose than usual. The vet did call this morning however, with a wonderful update describing Raja’s state today as “active, alert, bright, and happy,” mentioning that he was well enough to spend the entire morning attempting to greet every person who passed by him. So, seeing as this is great news on the progress of his recovery, and that the biopsy results won’t be ready anyway for at least another day or two, I figured it was best to try to make the most of a sunny day and try to reduce some of my cortisol levels before I had to leave for class for the evening.

Upon returning home from the morning chemistry class, I headed over to visit a friend, her baby girl, and her newly full-grown American Mastiff. This dog, named Daisy, is INSANE. I originally became acquainted with this family last year when they happened to walk past my house and ended up hiring me to walk what was their overly-excitable PUPPY, at the time. (I don’t walk Daisy anymore, but I still go over occasionally to chat, clip & grind gigantic mastiff nails, and just to basically pour my affections over this gigantic, goofy dog.)
Those of you who know me know very well my obsession with large dogs (especially those who have the special honor of being inappropriately¬†large). Daisy definitely fits the bill. On top of that, she’s an absolute nut: chases raindrops, leaves… her own hair floating off in the breeze. She’s fantastic. There’s really nothing quite like having a ~200-pound dog decide she wants to sit in your lap. With all the stress from this past week’s events, I REALLY needed some dog time. Some time with crazy Daisy and her wonderful mommy really, really helped me out.
Seriously, that mastiff left trails of drool, dog hair, and mud all over my pants and sweatshirt. If that’s not indicative of a session of very intense goofy-dog therapy, I don’t know what is. <3

Afterwards, I still had about an hour at home before I had to head to the train station, so I milked as much sunshine as I could out of my precious free daytime.
I spent the whole hour searching for joyous little stories outside in the garden and yard.

!!! ACTUALLY, before I continue with the garden stuff, I JUST got texted by Ma–they’re apparently at the vet hospital right now visiting Raja, and she sent me a picture:

Look!! He’s okay!!

She says he seems like he’s perfectly back to normal, attentive and wagging as he should be. Yay updates!!

!! Alright, so, continuing with the happy things, back to my adventures in the garden today. (And, now that I have been sent refreshingly good news, I can really enjoy posting all this happy Spring-iness.)

First thing I notice: the Siberian irises and the daffodils, among other things, are very quickly reclaiming their rightful territories above-ground (at least for this season):

…blissfully unaware of the impending arrival of a mighty army of summer lilies..

Some of the more impatient garden inhabitants have already taken the liberty of announcing and displaying themselves, like Ma’s snow-drops…

..and the occasional cluster of crocuses:

(Sidenote: I just randomly imagined the voice of Zazu (from Lion King… duh…) narrating my garden update…)

The graceful magnolia out in the backyard is readily preparing to enchant us with the annual blossoms (expect flowering photos in the near future):

And, most exciting, for me, at least: the Blaze of Glory rose climbing the trellis between the garage doors is beginning to awaken from its long winter slumber:

It’s amazing how much appeal even just the new leaves of a rose can possess.

I know there are probably too many photos in this post… but I’m not apologizing. :P Just WAIT till spring is in full-swing.

Even confined to my yard, nature is much too beautiful to be neglected.

…even by the point-and-shoot camera of an overtired graduate student with no concept of photography whatsoever.


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