But the sun still rises.

So Raja’s home and seems to be back to his old, usual self: a big furry stubborn goof. What we found out Thursday has been very hard to swallow, but with Raja perking up again, and life moving on as it does, things around here seem to be going alright.

Last night, for the first time since the collapse, Raja really seemed to be back on his game. We’re not allowed to be playing with him right now as the stitches are still in, but that didn’t stop him from TRYING to maintain his evening rituals.

“Play with me?”

a minute later…


Check out the look he gave me when I refused:

“You suck.”

And then he tried again:


This guy drives a hard campaign; he tried EVERY possible approach.

“Why don’t you just hold onto this…”

And then he FINALLY gave up, about ten minutes later, and sat down to chew out his frustrations. And to give me THIS look:

If that’s not personality, I don’t know what is.

Anyway, here’s that picture I had promised of my infamous Cattleya bloom, in daylight:

I’m really hoping it lasts till after the next orchid society meeting! To this day, I STILL haven’t managed to bring a blooming plant in to show off yet.

In other news: last night, inspired a great deal by a book I’m reading at the moment about Antonio Stradivari, I raided Baba’s CD collection for a whole stack of gems that should have been added to my library ages ago.

And then, Baba hooked up the two gargantuan Bose speakers to the cd-player and put on Rostropovich’s rendition of Bach’s cello suites for me to hear… need I say any more?
It was paradise. With a belly full of a fantastic Thai/Chinese-ish soup Baba had cooked up and a good amount of a great beer (a Weizenbock, if that means anything to any of you) we all shared over dinner, the rich sound of a cello flooding the room with its chesty resonance was all I needed. What a composer, what an instrument, and what a musician! A deadly combination.

Those speakers really need to be used more often–I see a new evening ritual in the making…

Unfortunately, the reveling in glorious music had to be cut short when I realized I have an interview for an internship coming up this week and that I had NO IDEA what I’d be wearing. I went nuts running up and down the stairs for about an hour, trying things on, showing Ma, switching pants, switching shirts… UGH. I figured out a decent outfit, but HONESTLY–I am NOT meant to be wearing real people clothes. OR shoes like these:

They might be cute–I wouldn’t know–but they are NOT meant to be on MY feet.

Enraged that rules and conventions will require me to dress so stiffly many, many more times in my (near) future, I then spent the next half hour checking out barefoot sandals on etsy.
Like these:

Now THOSE are what I want on MY feet.

Today marks the first day of my “spring break” this year, meaning that for the next two weeks, I only have to go to one class a day instead of two.
Kinda lame, right? What happened is that the two schools I’m working on my two sets of classes at have two completely different spring breaks. Hence, the lack of any real days off for me.
I’m trying to pretend to relax at least, and kicked it off with an asparagus, mushroom, & goat cheese omelette for breakfast, my first workout at the gym since the semester began, and a great lunch of leftover corned beef and my garlic fried tofu. (I even added some roasted peanuts and Japanese rice seasoning to make it extra special today.) YUM.

Looking at this makes me want more.

Food is a HUGE part of my life. I have no idea why this is my first post featuring a picture of it. Maybe because I’m usually WAY too excited to eat it to bother taking a photo of it first. :D

SO! I am off to drink some hot tea, do something productive, and then go to Joe’s. And my departing wishes for you today are a satisfying dinner, a warm beverage, and some good music to carry you away for just a few, precious minutes.
Might I suggest Beethoven’s 6th, in honor of the *supposed* arrival of spring?


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