Where the Green Things Grow

I went to my interview this morning for the internship at the aquarium, and I think it went well!!
I really, really hope so–I REALLY want that internship.

I REALLY want this internship.

And now for the (what seems to be almost daily) plant update!!!
(…I may be a little plant-obsessed… but that’s alright. It serves for pretty pictures at least.)

SEVERAL years ago, we bought Ma a gardenia (in bloom) for Mother’s Day.
Try as we might, Ma and I have not managed to bloom it since. NO IDEA WHY. We’ve tried re-potting, relocation, fertilizing, pruning, neglect… all sorts of things over the years.
It’s just put up more and more leaves.

Finally, day before yesterday, Ma found two buds on the plant!

We might be crazy, but yes–this is exciting.

And here’s another story that starts a few years ago:
A few years ago, Baba managed to outsmart Staples and somehow combined awesome coupon deals and whatnot and got his hands on a fancy camera for WAAAY cheaper than he was ever supposed to.
Today, he handed me the fancy camera and said, “It’s yours.”

A note to the readers who don’t know and haven’t figured it out yet: I am NOT a photographer. I use a very, very basic point-and-shoot Canon that really just involves turning the camera on, turning the flash on and off, and zooming in and out (and letting the camera auto-focus).
I have NO IDEA how to handle a real camera.

Baba also handed me this:

And told me to go to my crazy photographer best friend Stav (stavrosbasis.net–go check out his work, it’s AMAZING) for a lesson.
And so… I guess I’m going to be wrestling with a fancy awesome camera for the next few days, probably taking less than awesome pictures.
You’ve been warned.

I love my dad.
This is gonna be fun. ;)

Also, my favorite band, Kamelot, is coming on tour in September, with their new vocalist, Tommy Karevik (a man whose voice I essentially worship). Their most recent album (their first with Karevik), Silverthorn, is so good I think the only word I can use for it is ‘dangerous.’ I have listened to that album on repeat for days on end, and any habituation to this awesomeness is nowhere in sight.
I have been trying to learn to play bits and pieces of the songs on the violin, and, now that the lyrics are finally burning themselves permanently into my brain, these masterpieces have begun to pour forth from my own throat and tongue, as well.
I am booking tickets for Joe and myself this week: I will not, not, NOT risk the show selling out before we get there, scant as that probability may be in a region like this.
I think, the night of the show, I might return home with very little more than shreds left of my vocal cords.
It will be so worth it.

I am already squeaking about it.


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