Happy Spring!!!

I woke up this morning with a tongue up my nose.

Raja decided, at 7 this morning, to bust his way into my room and start my day with a wet, slobbery attack of “good morning” kisses. He spent the next hour (no exaggerations here) sitting on me and chewing and licking at my face and limbs.
Since I was half asleep, and didn’t really feel like stopping him, I decided to take advantage of all the love and give my new camera a first try. One-handed for the most of the time (as the other spent a great deal of time inside his mouth), I fidgeted with just the zoom barrel and the manual focus and (in great part thanks to the sun, which was in the process of rising at that point) managed to get some pictures that are at least more decent than any I’ve ever taken before today.

And my favorite one:

I am so excited that this new camera is going to allow me a better shot at recording and saving the moments in life that keep me going.

Like the consistently repeated sighting, day after day, of a big squirrel butt on my bird-feeder.

Stav (again, stavrosbasis.net; seriously, GO LOOK!) took me to the park today to give me a quick, practical lesson on using a real camera. (Thank you!! <3) Now I “know” how to use the manual setting–which is great, since I HATE auto-focus mode–and am free now to experiment and practice with it until I can produce photos even half-acceptable to an eye like Stav’s.

Happy Spring, every one!


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