Sleeping Beauty

Hello all.

I spent a good deal of this morning playing with the new camera.
I sat on the floor just inside our (new) glass door and stared outside for ages (like a few house dogs I know).
So I have more pictures to share!! (I gave you all warning–you can’t say I didn’t!)

The weather was REALLY loopy today… it flurried/snowed on and off… so my lighting was REALLY inconsistent.

And then, I went out for a little bit and returned home to find Raja sleeping in his favorite spot, again, and just HAD to take advantage of a photo-shoot opportunity.
Check out my sleeping beauty.

(a little blurry this one, sorry!)

I love my dog.

For your sake and for mine, let’s all hope the weather steadily improves from here on so that I can actually go sit outside and take pictures of things besides my dog and a bird-feeder hanging from a leaf-bare tree.

Some day, I’ll live somewhere where there’s color to be seen outside year-round. I’m sure there’s plenty to be seen out there during winter around here, but it’s just NOT for me.
Give me blossoms and lush greenery any day, rain or sun–I’ll be thrilled.

I also wouldn’t mind never having to kick my way out of a subway car ever again. I have to do this too often on my commute to and from my MA classes in NYC right now–just today, I had to BUST my way off the stupid train, because two men decided it was unnecessary to let me off before they tried boarding.

While we’re on stressful topics, let’s go ahead and briefly discuss something that I feel really needs to be considered AT LEAST occasionally.

Today, while I was driving, I listened to a podcast short by my favorite radio show, RadioLab. This one was titled “Double Blasted,” and began with a simple description of a relatively uneventful, typical morning some Japanese man had a long time ago.
But at some point during the narrative, they mentioned that this man lived in Hiroshima. At this point, my stomach flipped and I felt a terrible creeping sense that I knew what the title of the piece meant… and, sure enough, on his way to work, the man in the story heard a noise, looked up, and saw a plane overhead–with something falling beneath it.

I don’t need to tell the rest of the story.
(If you’re interested, here’s the link for the podcast:      I highly recommend RadioLab; as I said, it is my favorite show, and even if you feel that this particular short may be of too sensitive a topic for your interests, I’d still suggest checking out some of their other pieces. The variety is great, and the hosts are wonderful.)

After that listen, I got home and busied myself over lunch with a horrible taste in my mouth.
Time after time, I hear of these things–bombings, shootings, massacres–and it never ceases to absolutely stun me.
I have such a hard time understanding how these things happen–moreover, how PEOPLE do these things.
Now, I’m not saying I don’t have my share of hard feelings and vengeful fantasies: actually, I can almost PROMISE you I can be one of the angriest, most spiteful, vengeful people you may ever meet.
But NEVER, EVER, can I even imagine wishing suffering upon innocent bystander strangers like those civilians who had the misfortune of being the civilians of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the war.
How can any man ever consider the damage done by an atomic bomb… and then decide to drop one? (Or two?!)

I’m not going to type my whole rant up on here–there’s too much unhappiness here to begin with–but you can probably see where I went with it.
Isn’t life hard enough as is, with the ever-imminent burdens of hunger, and of need, and illness, and aging, and death…?? Why must we, as humans, always be adding to these hardships with our own concocted hate and intolerance? Just today, a few hours ago, I was walking the subway to the 6-train and was assaulted by the screaming of a woman preaching about the repulsive sins of homosexuality.
My facebook news feed continually shows me photographs and pleas straight out of Syria, where snipers continually shoot down children, mothers, and fathers, and where torture is everyday news.

This inability of mankind to accept and tolerate one another is insidious and presents itself in varying degrees of manifestations.
War is everywhere, and day by day, one person after another makes a decision to cause somebody harm.

I talked to Baba a bit about it today, and we ended up listening together to this:

(In case the link doesn’t work, it’s Joan Baez singing “With God on Our Side.” Don’t let the title fool you–listen to the lyrics before you make a judgment.)

I’m sorry this blog post took a heavier turn. I’m actually not in a terrible mood–my MA classes spring break starts essentially after today–but this is just something that sits pretty regularly on my mind.
These concepts are ones we cannot afford to forget. I know I can be a very angry person, and I know that we all have in us, and that we all have the right to express, our naturally-occurring feelings. What we all have to remember though, is that our actions often affect others, and that it is our responsibility to control and mediate our impulses and inclinations.
We all have hard stuff to deal with.

I don’t want you to leave this post entirely depressed, so I’ll leave you with this:

At the end of our talk, Baba told me that he is optimistic, and sees our new generation taking on the difficult issues the way it has been as a sign of hope.
Things look like they’re at least on the way to getting better, so let’s keep cheering it in that direction.

(Art by Phoenix & Arabeth,


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