A childhood obsession and a victorious moment.

Another weekend gone by. But this Sunday night isn’t so bad, since my MA classes are now on Spring break! Which means NO COMMUTES for the next week and a half! YESSSS. Oh sweet glory of glories. After my daily chem or physics class, I will be free to spend the rest of my time however I please! (Besides Friday, since I have work…) I am SO excited about the free time. :D

I am going to spend SO MUCH TIME fiddling around.

Ha! Sorry. I had to use the pun-opportunity when I had the chance. :D
No seriously, I am going to be spending a LOT of time with Cricket.

Which reminds me: I haven’t introduced you yet! Meet Cricket, the beauty Joe gave me for Christmas a few years ago:

So much love. <3

Progress learning has been slow for the first few years, due in part to lack of time/space to practice, lack of knowledge or background of any kind… but within the past year, I 1) attended a lesson to get a better grasp on proper technique and 2) ended up buying a beastly little electric violin–the Banshee (to whom I will introduce you more formally at a later date)–and got to practice much more often (since working with that one is much quieter and therefore possible at all times of the day/night).

Last Friday morning, I woke up to an empty house and the sun streaming through the glass door, so I gleefully finished a quick breakfast, filled the bird-feeders, and grabbed Cricket. I was in too good a mood to pin myself to the usual scales and practice exercises, so I started goofing around and trying to play some favorites by Ronan Hardiman (the guy who wrote the scores for Lord of the Dance and a whole bunch of Michael Flatley’s other shows).

(I spent HOURS of my childhood watching that man and his fiery feet and awesome poses.)

(Alright so this post just took me waaay longer to write than planned… because I just spent a LARGE chunk of time watching youtube videos of the Lord of the Dance again… Honestly, I went on there curious to see how much of a loser I was for being bonkers over the stuff when I was a kid… and actually… nope! I’m still a sucker for this stuff. LOVE IT! Laugh all you want; there’s something mesmerizing about watching those guys dance.) :P

Anyway, with a little bit of a fiddling around, I was ecstatic to find that the first part of ‘Siamsa’ actually came pretty easily!! “Siamsa” is one of my all-time favorite pieces: it’s bright and joyous and absolutely delightful. (Seriously, it makes me wish I had a ton of friends who randomly all happened to know how to line-dance. Flash-mobs would be a whooole different beast in my imaginary world.) Check out how much fun it is.

So much fun. Cheesy and bouncy–what more could one want in an Irish dance? I’m so excited for the day I can actually play this fluently and up to speed–it’s going to be absolutely exhilarating to play along. So excited this is now at least A LITTLE within my reach!
(My childhood-self would have been thrilled to be told that some day I’d be playing along with the music Michael Flatley dances to on my very own violin. …now WHY it NEVER occurred to me at that point that maybe I would like to pick up a stringed instrument will always be a mystery to me.)

So… because I just wasted a heck of a lot of time watching the almighty Michael Flatley on youtube… I’m going to end this post here and now and just reserve my tales of my grown-up shopping adventures with Ma today for tomorrow’s post. I’m sure you won’t mind. :D Warning: there will be photos of two new pairs of shoes. I’ll try to keep the whole post from becoming a big girly LOOK WHAT I BOUGHT! episode, though, I promise.
(Although I can’t promise I won’t also be discussing jewelry in the same post.)

I’ll leave you with a (blurry) shot from what was actually (surprise, surprise) one of my favorite scenes from Feet of Flames back when I was a little kid:


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