Fancy shmancy.

It’s snowing outside. It’s the end of March.
And I’m just going to pretend I couldn’t care less and am not going to write any more on that topic.

Look what showed up on my News Feed today!!

I love these people waaaay too much.

So yesterday, Ma and I went HARDCORE grown-up clothes shopping. I have vet school interviews (HOPEFULLY) coming this year, and, upon trying to muddle together a suitable outfit for last week’s internship interview, we realized my professional-appropriate wardrobe options were DISMAL. So yesterday, we went out and ended up buying two blouses, three suit-jacket-thingies, and two pairs of shoes. (And now to brag a little about how awesome my mom and I are–all this stuff? We spent less than $150 TOTAL yesterday.)

Yea, we’re that good.

Actually, most of it Ma had to wrestle me into trying to begin with. None of the stuff looks like anything I should ever be seen in!!! But, after trying it all on… it’s not actually that bad. I looked pretty classy in some of those pieces!
I’m gonna have to get used to that look–I’m looking at a future stitched together out of scrubs and classy business attire.

Anyways, I had promised a certain someone pics of the shoes we bought, so here they are!
(I’m not wearing nylons and the pictures are fuzzy, but hey–I’m not going to put extra effort into getting pictures of shoes.)

These totally remind me of the director from our dance academy…

Cute, right? Big fan of both of these, and they’re both so comfy!
Actually really excited for the interviews now–I feel like I can totally pull this whole grown-up thing off now!!


Anyways, I also put my earrings back in yesterday (I had taken out all but one pair for the interview last week). How awesome are my ears?!

That’s actually a tiny frog that Ma bought me sitting on my cartilage–couldn’t get a good picture of it, but it’s absolutely ADORABLE. And no, those aren’t real gauges–I had my upper lobes stretched a little bit at one point, but it ended up limiting my options and, now that I’m headed for the vet field, probably wouldn’t really be appropriate. We bought these organic fake-gauge earrings in Thailand–Joe picked them out for me!! I’m a huge fan of this stuff–I need to get my hands on more like it.

I LOVE my ears with this set in.

Alrighty! I’m off to the library and to Joe’s house. :) Have an awesome Monday! (Or at least as awesome as a Monday can get…) :D


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