“Spring break” and a big, furry monster.

Alright, hey all. WARNING: this blog post has a great potential for becoming a completely pointless stream-of-thought type thing. (Although, there IS going to be a very cute, large animal at the tail-end of it all… just saying.) :D

Honestly, I don’t know why I’m posting tonight; I guess just the lack of updates for the last few days is what’s compelling me to do so.

I’ve had a BUSY week. It was technically my “spring break” from my MA classes, but I happened to have exams in both physics AND chemistry (after the spring break from those classes), so I spent a good deal of the week studying instead.

This is not to say I didn’t get to relax at all–I had a LOT of fun one afternoon, for example, taking a good, long nap.
It was GREAT.

Unfortunately, the weather refused to brighten up for me all week (and held off on the good weather until right before my work shift YESTERDAY), so… my commute-free afternoons and evenings weren’t exactly spent basking in the sun.
I’m CRAVING sunlight. I had just about ONE HOUR (tick tock, tick tock) of free time yesterday between getting home from chem lab and going to work, so I seized the opportunity and hit the driveway. It gets nice and warm when the sun is shining, and has a great view of the garden, the Blaze of Glory climbing rose, and one of the bird feeders. :)
I posted a picture a few weeks ago of the climbing rose’s first new growths of the season; yesterday, I got to try again at a similar picture using my beautiful new camera. Here’s another new growth:

Can you tell I’ve been having fun playing with the manual focus? :D
Judge if you wish to; I like this photo. :)

For more new camera fun: here’s the view we get every morning through the back sun-door:

When I was sitting out on the driveway yesterday, I spotted one of our resident chipmunks sitting sweetly under the bird feeder (most likely enjoying the feast dropped down by the birds and squirrels). I tried getting a photo, but from where I was sitting, the little cutie was just a little too far to get a good shot. Once again, I resolved to save up and buy myself a good lens for the purpose.

I think I’ve crossed over to the dark side with this whole camera thing. Luckily, Stav gave me a good run-through of several types of lenses, and the only one I had any interest in for my purposes was the awesome zoom-y one. Which runs relatively cheap, compared to some of those others. So I’ll be alright. :)

So anyway, in other news, if the phrase “You are what you eat” runs true, I must be part-asparagus. We have a whole Costco bag of asparagus in the fridge, and I’ve been taking advantage hardcore. Asparagus in my soups, asparagus in my omelettes… just plain roasted asparagus with lemon, garlic, and cheese…

Just looking at it makes me want more.

MMMM asparagus.

I spent a good deal of time last week hanging out at a wonderful neighbor’s house with her, her beautiful little daughter, and her gorgeous, goofy mastiff. I think I’ve mentioned Daisy before; she’s a big huge nut with more energy than a kid on candy.
She decided to sit on me at one point–no warning, no mercy, just ONE HUGE BUTT. Look at this sweetie!!!

She’s a lovey beauty of a monster; she’s such a delightful creature! I love that beast.

Tomorrow’s my day off (!!), and the weather’s not supposed to be great in any form. So, what does that mean?
CRAFT AND VIOLIN DAY!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Hopefully I’ll have at least one finished project to show off to you by tomorrow night’s post.

That should hopefully make for a more interesting post. :D
Good night all! <3


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