I woke up this morning in a terrible mood, cursing the deceptively sunny but cold cold cold weather and the state of New Jersey for its sad, greyish/brownish tangled up messes of what’s supposed to be the flora-end of our wild community.

When I hear phrases like “a walk in the woods,” I find myself envisioning picturesque strolls through green-choked wilderness, greeted by majestic oaks, maples, and ashes, with potential negotiations of one’s way through various proliferous bushes. Ivy and other creeping vines should hungrily curl their ways up a steady trunk here and there, and the occasional spot carpeted over in moss should invite the wanderer to settle down to a (damp but snuggly) nap.

Or maybe, since climates can be colder, the “woods” should be an army of pines and firs, standing solitary, yet united, all at once, proudly displaying their verdure throughout the year.

But, no… the vast majority of the “woods” in New Jersey, or in our part of New Jersey at least, is a tangled, miserable mass of non-descript color, with very little in the way of great trees or even green bushes. Sure, there are our parks, which look a bit better, with some of the older trees, and some color here and there (I speak not of the gardens–mind you–THOSE I love), but the majority of what you see when you look around in our part of the world is disheveled, toppled, and snarled. And, in all appearances, half-dead.

I’d post a picture of the bleak landscapes typical to here, but I’d rather not force such suffering on my camera. Or on my readers.

I’m getting my butt out of here as soon as possible. I sat outside with Ma today and ate my lunch, all bundled up in my coat, in hopes of getting some sunlight.

I’ve actually been doing basically just that for the past week. Sitting all squished up in the sun, trying to catch shots of pretty little birds and yard mammals. Some green is actually popping up from the dead grey bleakness, and I am absolutely thrilled to see it. And the daffodils are finally opening up!!! AND a woodpecker finally decided it approved of our birdfeeder!!! (Even though I had just hung a woodpecker-specific feeder in the other tree the day before…) I won’t blab anymore–I’ll just show pictures. Lots, and lots, and lots of pictures.

I have more… but I’ll save those for another post. :D

The other day, as a five-year anniversary present, Joe gave me a magnificent new pair of earrings!!!
I LOVE them. :) They’re PERFECT. Look!!!

I look in the mirror and giggle about my new jewelry every few hours. <3 He knows me so well.

I’ve actually been productive lately, craft-wise, but I’ll save that for another post, since it’s time for me to go for the night.
And I’ve already posted waaay too many pictures anyway. :D

Good night all!


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