To dream of colors.

Alright, so I do plan on waging war against these pesky vines at some point… but in the meantime, I couldn’t help but notice how absolutely delightful their new growths are to look at.

Almost inspiring, right?
Of course, too much eyeing of these tenacious creepers and their successful sproutings only leads to a terrible, sinking feeling of dread of just how insidiously these vines must have tangled themselves into our garden by now…

But HEY!! I’m up for a good work-out!!!

As I mentioned last post, I finished my first knitting project ever this past week, and I’m pretty happy with it. Of course, most of my happiness with it is due to the absolutely stunning nature of the yarn itself: I bought this AMAZING hand-dyed yarn by Madeline Tosh (check her stuff out if you’re a sucker for colors like I am:… but still! I did alright for a first piece!! Look!

Every time I step inside the yarn store, I go BONKERS for all the beautiful colors and textures.
Some day, I want to dye my own yarn. I already do batik, and it’s just so awesome to play with dye. So rewarding when you get a good color!!!
I’m totally going to hand-dye my own yarn some day. Just you wait. :D

Tonight, I’m going home and crafting. Haven’t decided what to work on yet, since the project I started this past week requires wood stain… which I haven’t gotten my hands on yet… but I’ve got plenty of options for tonight.
So exciting.
I love making things.

Prof let us out of class early today! Always such a pleasant evening when it happens.

Check out the cool picture I got the other day! There’s a big swarm of blackbirds (or grackles? I don’t know my birds well) that visits at least once a day now.

I got the shutter speed all wrong–if I had managed a better balance, I could have actually caught that bird, instead of just getting a shadow.
But I still think it’s pretty cool. The little guy on the feeder looks pretty bad-ass. :)

Off to be crafty. Good night all!!


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