Magnolia blossoms, one wrist cuff, blue tattoos, and a grumpy dog.

The magnolia bloomed!!!!! And it’s beautiful out!! So I skipped outside to take pictures and Raja followed and so I decided to take doggy glamour shots but he wasn’t too thrilled at the idea of being told to sit upright in one place (he has a habit of falling asleep in the sun) so he refused to look at me until he finally gave me THIS look:

Oh man. But then after a few minutes of love he seemed to lighten up a bit and let me take a few slightly less angry pictures. (He’s still basically falling asleep in all of them though, so he still looks a bit cranky… but he’s really cute.)

You can just see–in that last one–that he’s JUST ABOUT to dose off.

And since this whole thing happened to begin with because the magnolia has bloomed, here’s a shot of that:

I love magnolia flowers. What a relief that it was beautiful out the day they opened up!! (Last year, the rain came down and turned the flowers to a soggy mush before we could get much record of them.)

And while we’re doing pretty flowers, here’s a shot of the only woodstock hyacinth left (at least partially intact) to bloom after the deer came by last week.

Anyways, stepping off a bit from flowers and onward to crafting: I JUST found out that the dyes I have already (for my batiking) will also work beautifully on yarns (just have to be used differently). YESSS!!!!! So I WILL be hand-dyeing my own yarn sometime soon!!!! Expect, at some time hopefully within the near future, to see numerous photos of many colors of yarn… hopefully mouth-wateringly vibrant in nature…

Ohh the possibilities that present themselves whenever a new hobby is added… :D It’s a very favorite feeling of mine.

I finished my first wrist cuff today on the train-ride to class! I’m pretty happy with it. I’ll post pictures once I’ve finished the pair–hopefully by tomorrow’s post.


Also, I just found out about this stuff called jagua (or “Earth Jagua??”), that’s kinda the same kind of thing as henna–as in, a natural temporary tattoo–and I’m very interested, because it’s apparently blue or black, which means it might actually show up on my skin (as opposed to henna, which usually does NOT, besides on my palms and such). I need to look into this–if it’s safe and affordable, I’m so totally game. I want to put a sun on my upper arm. And have it actually show. Must look into this.


Guess what? It’s Wednesday night!! So the week is officially over half-way over!! Good stuff.
Wishing hearty dinners and happy thoughts to all my readers; see you tomorrow!!


4 responses to “Magnolia blossoms, one wrist cuff, blue tattoos, and a grumpy dog.

    • Thank you!! Raja is most certainly the most photogenic member of our family, regardless of mood or context. :)
      I feel just the same way about the magnolia we have here–the petals fall off waaay too easily. The carpet of petals is actually rather pretty, too… until it starts turning brown and mushy.

  1. What a beautiful dog Raja is! Such high definition in the photos as well! very nice :D I look forward to seeing more!

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