The lovely Spring! And grilled shrimp. :)

Hello all!!

It’s actually about time for me to be heading to bed, but I figured it might be wise to not let the photos and such pile up TOO much, as that would just be asking for trouble. So here’s a quick post (before my laptop battery dies out!)!!

The weather has made a turn for fantastic as of the last few days, and even went up 83°F (about 28°C) today!! It’s been absolutely glorious outside; I decided this morning to take advantage of it and pulled on a pair of the pants we bought in Thailand, and strutted my stuff in that light, breezy cotton ALL DAY LONG.

Since my last post, a couple of woodpeckers have actually found their ways to the suet feeder I put up for them in the first place!! AND I MANAGED TO GET PICTURES. There was an absolutely adorable tiny little guy hanging out on in for a little while day before yesterday, and I did snap a shot of him, but it’s a bit too far away to be able to see him clearly and it’s not really worth my posting (yet another reminder to myself that I do, in fact, need to eventually buy that zoom lens). But here’s a shot of the big guy!

Actually, the tree that feeder is hanging in, a magnolia, is also a very exciting entity itself at this point, as the blooms are just a day away from opening. I ran outside before lunch today to get some pictures. Buds are always so enthralling.

I saw my first bee of the season today!!! Somehow, this little creature had found a way into the kitchen. Naturally, I tried to get a good picture of the little cutie before returning her to the garden, but (once again) kinda failed. But that’s okay–I’ll figure it out some day.

(In my defense, the lighting proved to be a challenge for a newbie, and I didn’t want to waste the little lady’s time playing with the ISO.)

And last (but certainly not least) for this post: Joe and I cooked dinner last night. I made rice pilaf and cheesy/creamy spinach, and Joe made the best-ever grilled Cajun shrimp (and cod). Seriously, BEST grilled shrimp EVER. The man is a genius. <3 Just look.

Just looking at these pictures makes me drool. Joe’s shrimp was the stuff of the gods, seriously.

Total catch–this guy right here. :)

Yea… I’m a lucky lady. :D

I’ll probably write more tomorrow. For now, good night!!


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