A NEW LENS!!!!!!!!!!!! And a spider, and some crafting.

My new lens came today!!! And it was beautiful out today!!! So OF COURSE I went absolutely nuts out there with my brand new equipment! I ordered it yesterday, so I wasn’t expecting it for another week, but apparently the supplier is located in NYC, so my lens arrived today!!!!

BUT BEFORE I throw tons of exciting new lens pictures at you, here’s some old stuff! :D

I finished the second of the wrist cuffs, as I had predicted, in a day, and just never got around to taking pictures of them. Actually, the whole thing was kind of silly–the whole waiting for the pair to be complete to take a picture thing–since I can only show one hand at a time in photos, as the other has to work the camera. HA. (I could theoretically use the self-timer… but that would only result in the dorkiest pictures ever to grace this blog.) So here’s ONE of the cuffs, and the other looks almost identical, so you can just imagine it in:

With the increasingly pleasant weather as of late, I am becoming more and more motivated to work on my crafts, and was, yesterday, sitting out in the sun with Raja and laying down the design for a new head scarf.

Sidenote: We were both in a particularly lounge-y mood; just look at Raja!:

But anyway, as I was saying, I was sitting outside with my super white cotton half-blinding me in the sunlight, tracing out a new design, when I happened to notice a little friend had come to visit!!! I happened to have my camera sitting next to me (don’t judge), so OF COURSE I had to take a picture:

Isn’t he cute?! He was SO itsy-bitsy I”m really happy I managed to get more than just a blur!

Okay, so now that all that’s out of the way, PREPARE YOURSELVES!!! I took a lot of pictures I like today with that new lens. :)
(To clarify: I know I had said earlier that I was going to wait and save for the new lens, but that was before I had met with Stav and figured out that I can do without the VR feature, which drops the price from around $400 to $140. Therefore: lens bought.)

So the first thing I did after changing lenses was to go straight to my usual creeper spot to see if I could catch some birds at the feeders! And indeed I did–and with great success.

Gotta love that magnolia tree.

I then went out to the front of the house and started madly clicking away in all sorts of random directions. Here’s what I got:

Those last two shots are actually of TINY weeds sprouting up out of the rocks our tomato pots sit on–I’m really happy with what this new lens lets me do! I think my pictures came out well today; I mean, beginner shots, yea, but HELL THEY’RE PRETTY.

And here’s one more shot from today–it’s my favorite, and was completely by chance (I honestly didn’t think I could actually get this shot, but apparently this lens rocks) :

Handsome little guy, right?

Tomorrow I plan to do some outdoors maintenance (weeds, rain barrel… that sort of thing), weather permitting, and dye the scarf. That means hot wax tonight! I love batiking–definitely one of my favorite hobbies. I want to sell this summer, so (hopefully) expect several upcoming new pieces.

Which reminds me… I need to update the website… One of these days, I should make a post of my favorite pieces… so I can show off. :D

Off to go find an easy enough pattern for a pouch to keep lenses in. Until next time:

PEACE!! ;)

PS: Tomorrow I intend to introduce you all, willing or not, to the awesome band Joe found for me last night. NOT the typical, I promise you!!


2 responses to “A NEW LENS!!!!!!!!!!!! And a spider, and some crafting.

  1. By the way, the most important info missing. What lens is this? Did you see my spidy pic I sent to your Ma and Baba?

    • What a wonderful picture!!! I love the spiders–they’re such hairy little beasts.
      The new lens is a 70-300mm f/4-5.6 macro telephoto zoom lens. I had been dying for a lens that goes to 300mm, so I’m very happy now. :)

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