Of Sushi and Scary Birds, and a Really Awesome Band

Prof ended class early today!!! So I’m sitting at the train station waiting for the next train home, almost two hours earlier than planned!! Sweet stuff.

Let’s see how much of this post I can get written before they post the track. I’ve got… 6 minutes. LET’S DO THIS.

(We all know that’s not going to be enough…)

So I guess I’ll start off with telling you all about the band Joe found for me the other day, as promised in last night’s post.
I’m obsessed. Absolutely obsessed. I mean, Joe did tell me that he had found this band that was absolutely perfect for me, but come on. I’m picky. SO PICKY. But hell! He’s done it again. This new-found band is joining the glorious ranks of my favorite bands. (Not replacing anybody, mind you–but definitely joining.) :)

So enough teasing. The band is named Van Canto and is definitely the most unique band to earn a spot on my ((track has been posted… must continue later)) high lists, as it is a metal a cappella band (plus a drummer, which I actually have no objection to, despite the potential here for complaint, because.. well… HELL it sounds so good!!!). AND IT HAS A FEMALE VOCALIST. And their songs are JUST. SO. CATCHY.


I’ve listened to several of their songs over and over again, basically on repeat, for the past two days, basically whenever the opportunity to youtube presented itself. Like today, when I danced around the kitchen to Van Canto while making sushi.

Don’t judge my ends–I was rushing so I would finish before I had to leave for the train.

I also, intermittently throughout the time I spent cooking today, had to drop what I was doing, wash my hands really, really well, and grab my camera in a half-desperate, half-crazed rush to the glass door. The birds were extremely interesting today and served as wonderful fodder for new lens practice, despite the chilly, grey weather.

First of all: the woodpeckers.

I happened to glance out the window while cutting the avocados and caught a glint of bright red, and, on closer inspection, found a woodpecker practically shoving his head into the feeder tray.

And then, lo and behold!! ANOTHER pretty little bird was picking at the suet feeder. (I’d say picking at the suet… but honestly, there really wasn’t much of it left, as the blackbirds and a cardinal had managed to ravage an entire block within the 24 or so hours since I had stuck the sticky thing in there.) I think it’s a woodpecker of a different species? I have no idea, honestly; I have to look it up tonight. He’s pretty cute though, whatever he is!!

And then there was another time, I think when i was in the process of rolling the sushi, when I heard a strange noise outside and LUCKILY grabbed the camera again. The source of the noise?

I love that new lens. So worth it. Without it, I wouldn’t have been able to catch this fantastic display. Courting, right? I think it’s courting… they did fly off together at the end, and the not-puffy one does look (to me at least) to be a female… But hey, what do I know? If any of you know better than I, please, do comment and educate me.

Whatever it was, it was absolutely brilliant.

Also, while that interaction was taking place, this cute little guy was taking advantage of the unusually unoccupied feeder:

So that’s about it for today’s news. I’m sorry I rarely have much to post pictures of besides Raja and birds–that’s kind of all the material I get around here (at least fauna-wise), and no, I will not stop taking pictures of them. I do plan on getting a few squirrels and (hopefully) a few chipmunks sometime soon… although that’s probably not making this any more bearable to any of you readers. I do apologize, honestly–but this is the stuff I’ve been amusing myself with. Hope for your sake (and for mine) that this summer brings some unusual, unexpected animal into my backyard–like a bear cub, or something–because otherwise it’s most likely going to continue the way it has so far.

Maybe I’ll get more time to do more crafting, so I’ll at least have some of that to mix it up a bit on here.

I wore my knit wrist cuffs today for the first time. It was awesome. :)


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