Power tools in the garden! ..And a pet peeve.

Day before yesterday, I went wild in the garden. Driven to madness by the utter unkempt disaster that was the area overlooking the kitchen entrance to the house, and beyond dissatisfied with my attempts last year at extracting the greedy parasitic vines from the consequently suffocating honeysuckle shrubs up there, I dug the motorized alligator loppers out of the shed and went at it.

The beloved alligator lopper.

That morning, I’d made the drastic decision that–since last year’s nice-guy approach with the vines had proved to be an utter failure, and since the honeysuckles have been looking more and more starved and sickly with every passing year–I was going to cut them down entirely and just leave them their lowest few feet and hope that they can revive and manage to send some new young shoots out. Don’t get me wrong–I absolutely loved the honeysuckle–but they were so sad-looking by the time this spring came around, and the way they had grown, it was nearly impossible to get to the mess underneath them, so this option was really the only one left, short of getting rid of them entirely.

Plus, with the rest of the garden finally shaping up, it would be a total shame to leave the disaster next to the house untouched.

So, the three of us went into hardcore clean-up mode and started clearing the spot. The results?


And after:

There’s still plenty to be done to make the area amenable to being worked, but not bad for just a day’s worth, right? Hopefully the honeysuckles will grow back little by little (and this time we can actually keep them pruned, shaped, and VINE-FREE); we left the azalea, and also have ordered a Major Wheeler honeysuckle and a butterfly bush from Michigan Bulb to put in up there.

Black Knight Butterfly Bush

Major Wheeler Honeysuckle

Ma and I also finally dug and installed the hibiscus circle we’ve been planning since last year for the backyard. We worked past sunset, just because we’re insane.


Moving away from gardening, but not away from insanity: I am still having way too much fun stalking around watching the backyard with my camera. Here’s your over-dosage of backyard shots for the day:

Sleeping on the bird feeder… that’s a new one.

Also, LOOK! I totally almost caught a good shot of a bird in flight!!!

It’s a bit under-focused, but it’s progress.

And my favorite of this batch:


Also, I’m going to rant for just a moment. Just briefly.

This has been driving me nuts for the entire duration of my time at this MA program.

When people are waiting for the elevators here, they do something very odd. I’ve never seen this behavior at such a frequency–I mean, OCCASIONALLY is to be expected, but NOT to the extent that I see it here at this school. People–men, women, students, teachers–will look at the button, see that it’s lit up, and then press the button OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

I’m talking like up to 8 button-pushes consecutively, by the same person. (I’ve counted.)

Now, I’d understand if the button’s backlight wasn’t working. Then, you know, there’s the concern over whether the button is actually functional, whether the force exerted the first time was enough to actually set the button off… but seriously.


I’m going to reuse a VERY old picture (that was made for use in a project back in high school) to help illustrate how I must undoubtedly look while witnessing such idiocy.


It’s amazing how absolutely infuriating it is for me to watch this happen. It’s just so… childish? Pointless? Ridiculous? I mean, YEA, the elevators here are unbelievably slow, and of course it’s annoying, but does pushing the button over and over again like a bratty little child REALLY help?!

Hey, maybe it does. Maybe the act of pushing the button gives these morons some sort of feeling of control, or emotional release, or something.

On my worst days, I contemplate punching these people, once for every button push.

With only 4 weeks left of classes here for the rest of my life, this violent urge has only been amplified.


I honestly apologize if anyone reading this is guilty of this behavior I have described–it just drives me crazy to see it. I do admit though, that, although this particular deplorable habit is not included in my behavioral repertoire, many other detestable habits do thrive very happily within that set. :P

I’m sure hundreds of people, at some point or another, have wanted to punch me just as hard. :D


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