A hand-dyed scarf, my theme song, and VET SCHOOL ANXIETIES.

First post in several days!!! Sorry all, lots going on. Weather’s great for the most part, so lots of time spent out in the yard; semester’s quickly coming to a close, so it’s chaos, of course; additionally, my brain has decided that now is the time to start really truly fretting about the vet school application that opens in a month and a half; and ALLLL THIS STRESS has given me the desperate need to craft my only pseudo-existent free time away.

I made this:

Obviously, I’m not done with it yet… but it’ll eventually be a nice head scarf-y thing once I’ve finished the edges and such. I love batiking… totally something I need to play more with.

Anyway, while I was driving in the car today with my iPod on, Michael Bolton’s “Go the Distance” came up on shuffle (because Disney’s Hercules was the bomb).

This song, for those who aren’t familiar:

And I realized that this is totally the theme song for my life right now. I related so much to it when I heard it that I teared up a little. And then of course I spent the next several minutes laughing out loud about how much of a loser I am.

But for real, this song is me. Right now. I don’t care how cheesy it is. I love it. (I mean, disregard the use of the specific term “his” in the hero-related discourse, but besides that…) It’s so perfect.
(And again, Hercules was awesome. So I don’t care.)

As I stated earlier, I’ve somehow gone into a vet school lock-down mode inside my head. (Maybe it’s inspired by the progression into intro to orgo in chem this past week? And real quick–on that note–I think I’m totally going to love orgo. I’m excited.) But yea, I have spent hours going through the websites of the nine schools I will be applying to. That number used to be ten… until I realized last week that Texas A&M is the ONLY school on the list requiring the GRE score to be from the NEW!! GRE… which I didn’t take.. and have no interest in taking. My scores from the old GRE were pretty satisfying, especially when I compared them to a few of the vet schools’ admissions from last year, so I’m going to pass on taking that again, and just not apply to Texas. (Because that’s ridiculous.)

I scheduled a visit for Baba and me to vis t and tour Cornell’s vet school in May–I am REALLY excited. I’ve been having fun daydreaming about actually getting in to vet school… it’s like bittersweet torture. What a year we’re headed into.

While trying to find a fun vet school photo, I bumped into an old blog written by a former Cornell vet student, as a sort of record of how vet school was for him. I’m having waaay too much fun reading it now, so I’m cutting this post short. (In case you’re also interested, cuz it’s really cool, the blog is here: http://alexatcornellvet.blogspot.com/)

Tomorrow (or today, technically) is my day off, so I will write again then, most likely once the sun has gone down. Unless the sun doesn’t come out at all–then it’ll probably be sooner.

Good night all!!! I’m off to dream about vet school.


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