“the·ri·o·ge·nol·o·gy.” and a mystery bird. and many, many outside pictures.

Hello all!!

I am very happy to announce that what I want to do with my life actually has a name!

“Theriogenology” is the term for the branch of veterinary medicine focusing on reproduction. So, what I want to be is a “theriogenologist”!

What a wonderfully beautiful word. It almost drips, no, rolls off the tongue.

And I’m going to be one.

I’ve been doing more thinking on the vet applications–obsessing, more like–and I’ve upped my number of schools I’m trying for to 12. The same 7 domestics, and then 5 outside of the country: located in Dublin, Melbourne, Edinburgh, London, and New Zealand. (Yes, I acknowledge that the last of those did not follow suit and refer to a specific town, but honestly, I can’t quite figure out what town it happens to be in…) I had been reluctant to do many international applications–particularly because some of the programs take 5 years to complete, instead of 4–but I have decided that I would much rather better my chances of getting into vet school this year, and would MUCH rather be spending next year in vet school than waiting for a second chance to apply, in case things don’t go fantastically well with the 4-year programs.

And these programs in these other countries look absolutely fantastic, and the opportunity to go live in another country (in a place as stunningly beautiful as these campuses) for four to five years without having to deal with expat technicalities is extremely enticing.

So, wish me luck! I’m absolutely obsessed with all things vet school, and am going mad about where I might or might not get accepted… and this wait will continue, potentially, until spring NEXT YEAR.


To calm myself down in between research, schoolwork, and numerous emails on diverse topics to various people, I have been running outside periodically with my camera to bask in the sunlight and enjoy all of the pretty going on in the yard.

As a result, I have taken many, many pictures.

First of all, there’s this bird that I saw for the FIRST TIME EVER, and I have absolutely no idea what it is. Somebody please enlighten me?

Very delightfully attractive, whatever s/he may be.

Also in the garden at the same time as our mystery bird, a dove sitting pretty and a dreamer watching the skies (in my entirely overly-anthropomorphic interpretation):

Everything’s coming up roses, quite literally, at home right now, and we have added three specimens to the garden family this past week. One of them is in bloom (which is actually how it captured our affections in the first place, with such a color), and I had to record its splendor (and pretend to be a real photographer).

Ma’s tulips are also in bloom (as are those in the stunning display Baba and I saw on a wonderful impromptu walk at the nearby botanical garden). Ma is very excited about her tulips, as she most certainly should be (as they are gorgeous), so I had to at least try to get pictures of them. Unfortunately, I failed miserably at forming any sort of good composition in a single one, and am forced to show you my one almost-acceptable attemp

The crab apple tree (or at least I think it’s a crab apple tree) in the front yard has been honoring us with a vivid display of color this year, and so I am inclined to share this with you as well.

And of course, I must, once again, display yet another picture of the most beautiful flower of all:

Somebody has a tendency to start falling asleep the moment the early afternoon sun hits his face.


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