Physics I: DONE!!!

Took my physics final this morning, and despite last night’s anxieties over it, I got a 93! Which got me an overall semester grade of an A.



I studied my butt off for that one! Physics does NOT come easily to me. :/


That’s one more pre-vet course down.

Chem II final tomorrow morning, and then a pre-vet break for two weeks, and then orgo begins.
I’m actually looking forward to organic chemistry–looks like fun. :) I mean, 8 hours a day… not so awesome, but at least It’s over in a month and a half, and it’s only two days a week.

Two more weeks (ish) of MA classes (and FINALS *dundunDUUUUN!!*), and then all that will be left for that degree is the thesis!!!

And once the MA semester is over, I’m going to start on that online genetics course to fill another pre-vet req, so it’s done on time to go onto the application with a “Completed” status.


This Friday, Baba and I will be heading over to visit the Cornell vet school. (…to fill my head with silly daydreams..)



1 month until the VMCAS application opens; 5 months until it is due.


If you think about it, 5 months is NOT a long time…



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