A resident chipmunk, a flamboyant display of colors…aaand it’s still finals week.

With spring finals season also comes iris season, so things are starting to get very colorful out in the yard!

With that said: it’s still finals week, so I’m just going to post a gazillion photos I’m very proud of and call it a post. :D

And my personal favorite of the iris shots:

I FINALLY got the chance to try my new lens with the chipmunk today!!! …not a very successful session, but not terrible for a first try, with a lens that has no VR. (I spent most of the time flat on my belly on the floor just outside the glass door… I felt kinda like a spy.) :D

Also, Ma’s columbines are all rockin’ it out right now, so here’s one of those:

And did I mention I have this strange attraction to vines?

Annoying little buggers when they’re not where they belong, yes, but they’re just so… FEISTY! Almost inspirational, no?


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