A sweet milestone.

I had an AMAZING day shadowing an equine vet today. It was my second day out with one; I learned a hell of a lot, and I even got to work on some skills (leading horses, listening to heart rates…)

And I hit a milestone today: I drew my first syringe today!!!! (Rabies vaccine–didn’t inject it, of course, but it was pretty cool getting to prep it.)

I might be overreacting, but I thought it was pretty exciting.

I wish every day was more like today–learning relevant skills, hands-on and real-time.. Hopefully, once I get these summer classes out of the way, I’ll get to do this more often. (This month, it’ll be once a week.)

I’ve been busy for the past few days working on orgo–had our first exam yesterday. After puzzling over my penciled notes from class for a while, I still couldn’t get my head around some of the mechanisms well enough… so I dragged Ma out with me to go get a white board (inspired by memories of a roommate at Vassar working out her mechanisms that way).

I totally love my new white board. When I’m not using it to work through orgo, I put up a “Drug of the Day” so I can work on building a basic vocabulary of common drugs used by vets (along with details like side effects, interaction effects, etc). It was REALLY awesome today when the vet mentioned using “bute” on a patient and I totally knew all about phenylbutazone and how it’s a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory–YAY WHITE BOARD!!!!! Success is sweet.

Today’s drug of the day is xylazine, commonly used as a pre-anesthetic. It’s got a pretty cool common name: “Gemini.”


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