Aaaand… IT’S GO TIME.

Today is June 5th. June 5th is the day the VMCAS opens up the application that, by October 2nd, I will have to send to every one of the vet schools I am applying for admission into.

In other words, today is the day I can officially start obsessing and nit-picking over minute details and fretting over how absolutely insane I look on paper.


This morning, I hurriedly logged onto the computer only to see THIS message:

Apparently, I had missed the detail of the exact time the application opens, and so still ended up having to wait until after I got out of the first half of orgo to log in. (I know it sounds ridiculous, but the thought tortured to me.)

BUT NOW IT’S 5:08!! And I don’t have lab until 6!!! Soooooo…



WOAH man. Wish me luck everyone–I’m embarking on a strenuous, unnerving journey that is so hair-pullingly anxiety-inspiring that I might just end up bald by the end of it.
(Hopefully not though… I don’t think showing up half-hairless to a vet school interview would go so well for me…)


Maybe I’ll manage just to chew my nails down to oblivion instead.


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