Waiting by the phone…

So… I haven’t posted in a little while. Sorry.

I don’t honestly know why I’m posting today either… I guess mostly just because I haven’t.

This morning I awoke to a beautiful thunder storm, the type when the sky decides to announce its musings to the world in a lost, forgotten language..

It was awe-inspiring-ly beautiful, except it made me miss my dog, since the first thing I thought after “Oh how lovely!” was “Oooo he’s gonna get stuck under the desk again…”


So goes life.

The rain was honestly very beautiful though.

Lately I’ve been running this jumbled schedule of going to looooong, loooong days of a six-week intensive organic chemistry class, following an equine vet around once a week, going to work, and doing whatever else I want to do around all of that: mainly fretting around over my orchids, attempting to get better with the violin, reading…

Part of the stall in posts was due to my hopes that I could hold off on posting until I had some kind of definite good news about anything–I’ve been calling and emailing around a lot in the past few weeks in attempts of simultaneously making my life much better and increasing my chances of getting into vet school this year… but nothing definitive has happened yet, so I will continue sitting by the phone and checking my email constantly until I have more to tell you.

And staring at my baby (newly-deflasked) orchids.

Yes, the bulbophyllums in the back look terrible… it’s not my fault… they were like that in the flask… :(

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my violins lately. Some nights, when I’m feeling lazier and less motivated to once again run my blistered fingers over those picky little strings, I go youtube-ing for inspirational videos of real musicians having their ways with their violins and cellos. (It usually gets me off my ass and fussing around with simple things like arpeggios again.)

That’s how I bumped into the Piano Guys again. Now I have both their albums playing on my iPod on repeat, mixed in with the lovely Lindsey Stirling. (If you don’t know of the dancing violinist, look her up. She’s adorable.)

Here’s a taste of the Piano Guys playing a version of one of my all-time favorite songs):

These guys have joined the ranks of my heroes.

Also, since I was ranting and raving about them, I ended up pausing writing my post to listen to more of their videos, and saw that they are on tour, and noticed that they will be at the theater I basically grew up in on my birthday, so now I have to go buy tickets for that the moment I finish with this post before they sell out (because apparently they’r really popular and have already sold out most of their shows). Yay!!!! Birthday show plans!!!

Anywayyy… the Shore Orchid Festival was last weekend, and Ma and I went, and she bought me three new adult plants (two in bloom, one in bud)!!!! How exciting is that?! Ma’s the best. (Not just because she buys me orchids… by the way… but she is pretty cool for that…) :D I wanted to post pictures of the little beauties, but I’ll have to wait till the sun comes out a different day to get good shots of them. (Have to do them justice, you know?)

So, last week, I promised Joe I’ll go to the gym and do leg day with him today.
Damn my stupid promises. I knew when I said it I’d regret it when the day came. And I totally am. But it’ll be fun, once we get there. I guess.

Alright, I’m off to buy tickets, have a nice tofu lunch, and then head to Joe’s. Hopefully next time I write I’ll have SOME KIND of good fun news. Hope every one’s doing well!

Oh, and I’ve forgotten to tell you about the books I’ve been reading, which I really want to do… so that’ll be in the next post. Most likely.


One response to “Waiting by the phone…

  1. The storm you mention is like ones we have here.
    Since when did you start playing violin? Good for you..

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