To the smell of rain in summer

We had an absolutely beautiful rainstorm this afternoon: short and almost bittersweet, complete with jagged lightning, purring thunder, and an inspiring crescendo of sunlight blazing through the very last drizzle.


And once again, I’m forced to mourn my total inability to preserve my favorite part of the whole afternoon–the smell.

There’s something about the scent of rain in summer that moves me every time. It’s glorious, it’s comforting, it’s nostalgic… it’s just wonderful.


But–since I can’t really send everybody vials of summer storm mist–I’ll post some pictures I took right afterward out in the wet garden in honor of a beautiful (and fragrant) storm. Enjoy!!

Needless to say, Ma’s clematis is growing with great vigor, and the first batch of my lilies has bloomed. It’s amazing what just a few splashes of color can do, no?


4 responses to “To the smell of rain in summer

  1. Beautiful! I can ALMOST smell it through the computer screen…or I wish I could. I agree, the smell of rain on warm ground is absolutely heavenly.

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