Walking a three-legged dog.

Today at work, I sweet-talked a dog into taking her very first steps after losing her left hind leg.

It was a beautiful moment; that first step was utterly breath-taking (I swear I saw it in slow-motion), and then she wagged her tail and hopped over to me and brought tears to my eyes!!


I know I’m a sap, but it was honestly overwhelmingly wonderful.

I’ve really, really been enjoying this new job so far–it’s busy, it’s messy, it’s stressful, and it’s chaotic–and it’s actually pretty heart-breaking too, at times, but it feels like somewhere I can belong and really be of use. And moments like my itty bitty walk today with the spunky three-legged sweetie really drive home why I want to do what I want to do.

Check it out!!! It’s me looking dorky in my new scrubs!!! (Go a little easy on me, please–I am running on a sleep deficit and a very overdue hair cut! …not to mention a general default discomfort of being alone in front of a camera.)
Those sleeves are a bit awkward… aren’t they…? Or maybe it’s just me. I have a habit of being a bit awkward. :D


Anyway, in COMPLETELY unrelated news–our resident chipmunk has made it a new ritual of his to sit on top of the fence posts just outside the kitchen and call like a cardinal every evening, without fault, and I’ve been trying to take advantage of this predictability in order to get a good photo of the little man.

Easier said than done, apparently.

But here’s one almost decent shot!

Isn’t he handsome? :)


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