It’s been sooooooooo long!!! And BIG news!!

I am soooo sorry!!!

I have not updated since some time in… June..? I think?

It has been quite a busy summer. I’m not going to say there was NO free time, since that would be a big, blatant lie, but I will say leisurely me-time was scarce enough that I had very little motivation (or energy, as a matter of fact) to update.

So…. sorry. :( My bad.

I’m still here though! And sooo much has happened since the last post! Where do I start?!

Weeelllllll….. I guess I could start with this big one:



*you totally hate my guts*



After five and a half years, the decision’s been made–the date is set, the dress is red, and flowers will be beautiful!! I am so excited. So, so, so happy!

Life is great.

Expect a decent helping of cheesy wedding-oriented blubbering for the next almost eleven months. Sorry guys–but I promise it’ll be kept limited. :)

In other news, my VMCAS application has been submitted! That means (pending the submission of a few supplemental applications) the waiting game has begun. From now until forever from now (AKA potentially as far from now as April), I am at the mercy of the admissions councils of ten veterinary schools across the country and around the world.
Watch me closely for the next several months as I slowly lose the very last traces of sanity I have managed to hold onto until this point.

It should be quite a show.

So apparently it’s 2:30am, and this is one of my rare nights off with a morning off following directly after, so I’m actually not going to say much more, I’ll just post a bunch of pictures (as is my habit with posts of this manner). I’ve actually had very little opportunity to play with the camera this summer, but my passionflower vine has suddenly decided to grow monstrous and sprout flowers like they’re nothing, so I’ve got a picture of one of those, and I had the wonderful opportunity in July to visit Maria and Bobby in Boston and go to a wonderful butterfly garden (Maria’s ideas are PERFECT!), so I had LOTS of photos to pick some select few from. Hope you enjoy!

Lots of love, and many, many apologies for not having posted in months.


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