My first, finished wood-carving project!! And a couple of critters.

So… stilllllll working on finishing the looooooooooooooong list of vet school applications.

And every time I submit one, my nerves grow just a little bit more.


I’m just ITCHING to submit the Melbourne application, since they’re the ones who say they give their decisions within 4 to 6 weeks of submission, but that one doesn’t even open until October.

October 1st: you know what I’ll be up to.



To calm my nerves a little, I try to use some time on my days “off” (besides homework, studying, and working on applications) to do ME-stuff. Reading, random fiddling with crafts, wedding planning, daydreaming and looking up job listings on zoo vet forums… you know, relaxing stuff.                    Heh.
(I can just about feel a twitch coming about.)

So, look! I finally finished my first carving project!!

I’m pretty happy with it! The white ceramic sheet actually has a pearly shine to it, but my camera REFUSED to pick it up, at all costs.

Not bad for a first go, right?


Expect more wooden stuff; I really enjoyed this first attempt. (Really nice way to vent, too!)


Also, I’ve been to the wedding venue twice in the past month–once with Joe, and once with the awesome Vassar loves. I kinda fiddled with my camera during one of those trips, and figured I hadn’t gotten anything good, but, LOOK! I got two sort-of decent shots!

There are some qualities issues with both, but I like them anyway. :)

Anyway, since the sun is out (and I’m dreading the imminent coming of the cold death that is winter), I’m going to go grab my book and run outside for some quality warm driveway time.

Hopefully it’ll re-warm the end of my nose, too..


2 responses to “My first, finished wood-carving project!! And a couple of critters.

  1. Congrats on getting the wood project finished, orchidmantis. Your comment about the camera is spot on. I desire to have much better photos of my carvings, but haven’t reached Lynn Doughty’s level of photography (Outwestwoodcarving) What wood is the box you used? Bandsaw? Knives and gouges? Shalom. John

    • Thank you!
      Honestly, I’m a TOTAL beginner. I’m not really sure what kind of wood the box was… it was just a cheap blank piece I had picked up from Michaels, honestly. Toolwise, I just used an Exacto-brand woodcarving knife… I’m going to try working in the round next, though, so I’ll try out a few more tools for that. :)

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