An inappropriate iris and the search for wild bats.


I guess it’s been a while again since my last post–sorry about that! I promise I will try to be more consistent when things slow down. My weeks have just been insane lately!

So, good news first I guess: my thesis is up and running! I won a $500 grant from school (on my birthday actually) to help me fund the project, and soon after, I met with the bat researcher and planted equipment in three attics. We even found sleepy bats in one of the sites–THEY WERE SOOOO CUTE! I will have to take my camera next time I’m up there so I can get pictures. One of the attics is literally just a crawl space, with a couple of feet of fluffy flaky insulation, to make things worse–so I got absolutely filthy up there.
But it was still fun, because I felt really bad-ass crawling around with equipment looking for bats… so, it’s all good.

In other news, fall is in full blast here at home, complete with REALLY COLD weather and a sudden, relative lack of happy, lush flora.

I’ve never been much of one for most of the fall colors, but at least the Japanese maple right outside the house is up in metaphorical flames, so that relieves the eyesore a bit.

I’m really, really missing the sun–I’ve taken up the habit of eating my meals on the kitchen floor in the little sunlit patches by the windows, whenever possible. One plant out in the front garden must have seen my circumstances and felt pity for me (or at least that’s the explanation have decided to go with), because it has decided to throw up a wildly inappropriate bloom and smack November around a little with its ridiculous display of ostentatious flamboyance.

We had seen the bud growing for the past several weeks, but I had almost entirely expected it to wither and drop any day after a sharp nightly frost. Since the bloom successfully opened up, though, I’ve now begun to see it (most likely foolishly) as an omen of good news to come for my own, wildly inappropriate ventures*.

**Can you tell how this vet school admissions process is driving me frigging insane?!!

Yup. The anxieties are raging, and now that the applications are all completed and submitted, I have resorted to repeatedly checking admissions status pages and my email, most often at strange times in the early morning and late night, and on weekends–all times at which one can definitely guarantee that no admissions officer has any interest in concerning themselves with such matters.

I’ve been trying to relax a bit–but, as you can probably see, the endeavor so far has been pretty unsuccessful. I think that if I had a couple more evenings to just relax and enjoy myself–maybe sit down with a drink or something–things might go better, but, seeing as most evenings are spent either in class, groggy/asleep, or anticipating the start of another long nightshift, it’s been a little tough. (Hopefully this situation will improve once the semester ends: I only have one class next semester, and the supervisor at work has agreed to let me switch to a 2-day and 2-night schedule starting January. Yay!!)

Of course, IF I get into a vet school sometime (soon?), THEN my anxieties will all vanish completely!!! *hopinghopinghopinghoping*

Anyways, I did actually manage to have a nice relaxing evening last night, complete with my first drink from the nice new Weizen glass Shubi sent me from school.

I have to say: it might just have been a placebo effect associated with the shiny new glassware–or just the fact that I really, really needed a good drink–but DAMN that beer was good.

And I did feel pretty fancy drinking it. :D

Here’s hoping you guys are having a more relaxing season than I am! ;) Cheers!


One response to “An inappropriate iris and the search for wild bats.

  1. Be careful about the bats. At time they are vampires.
    Come over to this country so that you can avoid snow and get really enjoyable seasons.
    Try a good harder drink in place of your beer.
    Enjoy. Love. dadai

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