To everything there is a season

The neighbors must surely know by now (after ~15 years) that I’m insane.

Today, the sun came out and called me out of bed early (after another weekend of nightshifts), so that by 3pm I was dressed and out the door. In hindsight, the sneakers may have been a poor choice, considering the ice and snow and general muckiness out there–but what’s a little seepage on a lovely day?

Actually, today, in particular, was special by its own terms. A special hero of mine, Pete Seeger, passed away last week, and I had yet to pay my respects. And so, in true free-spirit form, I rolled up my pant legs and stomped and pranced around in the mud, singing loud and wild along with Seeger on my iPod.

It was glorious. exhilarating. refreshing. Pick one.

As the old man would say himself, there is a time to be born, and there is a time to die. While his departure is surely one to be mourned, there is also much to be celebrated. In commemorating the man who sang with unadulterated joy and passion, I hope that people will take a few moments to remember the ideals he strove to advocate. Pete Seeger, to me, represented a whole movement for music, for tolerance, and for peace. Particularly at this present time, when these basic goals are much too far from irrelevant, I wish that his songs will continue to spring from fervent lips to reach the ears of listeners both young and old. Men die, but their ideas must not suffer the same fate.

In my own form of tribute to Seeger, I also made a donation to the International Rescue Committee, so that others might feel the love this man spent his whole life offering.

Sometimes, when looking at the current course of events splashed bloodily across the news section of every media source, it is hard to earnestly expect that things will ever change. Seeger reminded us often, though, that we must believe and we must keep striving for that ultimate goal, using whatever means we have. When I listen to his songs, I can think farther back and believe that, in a broader, more long-term sense, we have indeed gotten somewhere, and are at least headed in the right direction.

Here’s to a great man, to his lifelong mission, and to the joy he shared through his music.


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