A brief musing about weather.

I’ve heard a handful of times from various sources that the weather is such a boring topic to force upon someone that bringing it up is nearly equivalent to being rude.

I, for one, am inclined to disagree, as I feel that the weather is an aspect of life that is universally relevant to almost everyone around. It kind of forces itself on you, doesn’t it?

So, arguments aside, I am going to discuss it, once again, right here and now on this blog post. But I’ll be brief, for the sake of those of you who hate the topic but, for some odd reason, are still reading.

It’s cold out today. Cold enough that I left for class this morning wearing three shirts/sweaters. Two days ago though, it was absolutely LOVELY out. So, in hopes of finding out that more days like that one are on their way, I checked the forecast:

IT’S ALL OVER THE PLACE!! Hello, March.         …and hello, Saturday!! ;)

(Also, plus point: I see no 20’s scheduled any day after today!!)

Afterwards, I clicked over to check out Edinburgh’s weather, just out of curiosity, and found this:


At least it’s predictable, I guess.

But hey! I’ll take mild over freezing. :)


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