An important message. And a turtle.

So much has been going on lately, there is no way I can post a full update of how things have been on here. I stumbled across something today, though, that I felt really should be shared, so I figured I might as well post something of a brief ‘hello.’

It’s been 2 weeks since I left my assistant job at the hospital. It’s FANTASTIC to finally sleep at night again; I cannot even express how lovely it’s been to wake up in the morning. But, I have to say: I miss it a bit. I miss the night-shifters (typed out that way, they almost sound like mythical creatures… don’t you think?), I miss pulling blood, looking at rads… that sort of stuff. I do NOT miss explosive diarrhea, periodic canine vomiting episodes, stepping  in poop in the dark at 3 in the morning, not being awake while everybody else is… but I really do miss the techs I worked with. I can’t wait to visit.

A couple of days after my last night at the hospital, my grandparents and uncle arrived at the airport (after much drama, as can only be expected these days, with our track record). It’s awesome to have more family here at home; more chaotic, definitely, but in a good way. :) I’m always so jealous of friends who get to have their relatives so close to them on a regular basis, so this month is MY month. :D

There is actually A LOT more I should be writing about in this post, but I think it’ll be more appropriate to save the rest for a later date. Take note: A HUGE BIG EXCITING POST looms in the near future.


Things are very exciting right now.


But anyway: the reason for this post. With all the excitement going on lately, I’ve been getting a bit stressed, to say the least. The last few days especially. But this link showed up on my Facebook news feed today, and when I went and checked it out, I was really, really happy that I did. I ended up watching it three times over, and it was definitely worth it every time.

I think we all need to be told things like this occasionally; I definitely needed a reminder this week. So I thought I would pass it along, in hopes of it doing someone else at least as much good as it did for me. If you enjoy it, please consider sharing it with someone else who might need it–a little love can go a long way.

Call me sentimental, but I think messages like these are important.


Anyway, I had better run and go be productive again, but before I sign off, I wanna post some long-overdue photos. One morning last month on my drive home from work, I happened to glimpse a rock making its way soooo slloooooowwwwwllyyyy across the highway. So, of course, I had to stop my car in the middle of the road, run out, and pick up the stupid turtle before the worst happened. I couldn’t find any wild-ish spots anywhere in the surrounding area, so I figured the best thing for him (?? I think he was a “him,” based on what I could best discern from what google said about the shape of his “plastron”–which is apparently the term for the belly-part of the shell) was to take him over to the big park near home. (I hope I did the right thing!!) Before I let him go, though, I just HAD to take advantage of the opportunity and have him model for me just a little bit.

I ended up making the mistake of clicking and clicking and clicking–which could probably be blamed on the post-overnight delirium that’d set in–and ended up with (no exaggeration) 986 shots of turtle, turtle in grass, and grass around turtle (while I was waiting for turtle to move). OOPS. The mass-photo-sifting that followed yielded a total of 10 acceptable photos of a turtle (and 1 acceptable photo of a bug). Still totally worth it though, even after accounting for the grassy, muddy pants-seat.

And so, I leave you with my favorites from the batch and hopes that you are all enjoying your summers at least as much as I am my own. :)


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