Because weddings have to be crazy. :D

Hello every one!

This will be the first post (of many) written from Scotland, and (officially!) as a Royal Dick vet student. (!)

Truth be told, it was not an easy move. I was very securely attached to my situation living at home with my parents–it was a very comfy (not to mention tasty!) life in a great house with awesome housemates. I had a somewhat set schedule, even after I left work; appointments like watching Big Bang Theory and Modern Family with my parents in the evening were regular and satisfying. It was always really great to wake up in the morning and check in with at least one parent (depending on the day of the week).

But I guess everybody has to grow up at some point. Somehow over the past few months, I’ve managed to get married, get my visa, move OUT of my parents’ house, move INto a new flat with a new husband (in a foreign country), and start vet school. Obviously, not all of this is going to fit into a single blog post (especially not the way I write), and to be honest, even if it could, I don’t want to write a post like that ever.

Too much.

SO! We’re going to split it up. I’ll try to get back up-to-date with now by posting separate posts about various things that I’ve neglected to write about so far, and everybody including myself will get overwhelmed all over again, and it’ll be great.


So for today, we shall discuss: THE WEDDING.

This is the post I’ve been dreading most, to be honest. It’s not that it was a horrible event I don’t want ever to recount; it’s the exact opposite, actually, which makes it so difficult to discuss. You know what I mean? It’s like those moments when all of your feelings band together and try to gush out all at once and all you’re left able to do is either 1) scream or 2) giggle and make strange noises that almost sound like words but don’t quite fit the bill.

All I can do is throw up my hands and say out with it!!

Or I’ll never end up blogging ever again.

I think the best way to do this might just be to just throw pictures at this post, and hope I get my message across. It was one of the best days of my life–no, it was longer than a day, actually. The weeks (months?) leading up to it, and then after, too, were so much fun. (Exhausting, but great.) A week before the wedding, one of my aunts threw me a fantastic aiburo bhat (kind of like a Bengali version of a bridal shower), complete with friends and family, a gorgeous new saree, and food so good my mouth waters now just thinking about it. (AND THERE WAS SO MUCH OF IT. I got SO full.) And then on the wedding day itself–where to start?! We were surrounded by (most of) the closest family and friends; the music was amazing; the food at Rat’s (at GFS) was delicious (the desserts were even more so!!); the weather was ideal; both the venue, Grounds for Sculpture (which my dad had covertly chosen and promoted last year!), and our backyard (which was decked out and provisioned by some very generous uncles!) were absolutely beautiful; everybody looked stunning; my grandmother dressed me up so perfectly I looked like a painting; Ma put the ladies in the colors of sarees I had picked and they ALL pulled it off flawlessly!! (not a single naked bridesmaid!!); Joe pulled off his groom’s clothes SO well! (except for the part where he almost lit himself on fire, but didn’t, thanks to Ma’s heroic rescue); the men all looked so utterly handsome; ALL the flowers were lovely (especially the Indian jasmine garlands–which Shubi bought for us!–and the elegant Phalaenopsis arrangements brought by our aunt!); the staff was so sweet, and strangers went out of their ways to be nice; there was plenty of singing and dancing and even more hugging; there were bright, vivid colors everywhere; the ceremony was so meaningful and well-planned, with my grandfather officiating, and the songs sung so beautifully by the kids and family friends back in Santiniketan (and mastered/DJed by my uncle!); my grandmother got to dance, as promised (and MAN did she dance!!!!); the party lasted the whole day, evening, and night; and we’ve got the loveliest photos from the sweetest photographer (and helpful guests) to remember it all by!

I can’t even stop talking about my saree and veil and mukut(tiara-thingy) and jewelry and ALLTHEOTHERPRETTYTHINGSIGOTTOWEARTHATDAY. There was even mango juice at the reception!! And I didn’t even get bit by a single mosquito the whole day or evening, thanks to my dad’s diligent efforts to de-parasite the entire yard!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I type enough of those?! And that whole list doesn’t even cover the whole span of awesomeness that happened that day. I couldn’t have asked for anything different. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

And ugh the jasmine smelled so good. I wish I could walk around smelling like that every day. (Joe agrees–he refused to take his off until the very last minute!)

I think it’ll be best if I stop blabbing now and just post tons of photos and call it a day. But I just want to say this last bit: my family and friends are amazing. So many people worked SO hard and contributed SO much to make it the perfect day for us, and I can’t even start to express how grateful we are for that. We’re so incredibly lucky to have such incredible support; the amount of love we’ve received (from so many sides of the globe) is honestly overwhelming! It really feels good to know there are so many people looking out for us.
We love you!! Thank you!!!! <3




(Also, just want to give credit where it’s due: Lin, our photographer, did a fantastic job! Most of the photos to follow are hers (the others are from our wonderful guests!). You can find her here.)

Enjoy! I know we did. :)

Isn’t it beautiful?! Lovingly painted for us by two very dear friends back in India, touched up by my grandmother. :)

The Vassar family!! <3

Squished. <3

Our beautiful bridal party!!

Her impromptu dance to my grandfather’s poem recitation was absolutely breathtaking.

Mama did us the honor of playing the esraaj–both while Ma sang and while Dadai recited. What a sound!

Love my mommy!

My DIY honey stick/seed bomb favors!! :)

Didun did basically ALL the miscellaneous artwork for the whole wedding. :)

Besties!! <3

Look, we’re married!! :D



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