A year ago today

Alright. So this had better be a short one, as I’ve still got to finish the histology lab book due tomorrow afternoon, but I just couldn’t resist posting!!

Today is a very special day for me–albeit for a strange reason, I’ll admit.

A year ago today, I got an email from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies informing me that I had been given an offer of admission to the vet school.

Upon returning home (as the email came to me on my phone while I was driving home from a class…and nearly made me crash my car), I spent about a good ~half hour sitting on the ground with tears of pure joy and relief flooding down my face. Just before ending up on the kitchen floor, I had scared the nerves out of my mom with a more-than-enthusiastic arrival in the driveway (I forget why she was home on a weekday, but it’s the best luck ever that she was!!), screamed a whole lot, and basically just lost my mind. Before I even got home, I made my most favorite phone-call to date: I, blubbering and hardly comprehensible, called my dad while he was in a meeting in a different time zone to tell him, “I’M GOING TO BE A DOCTOR!!”

I can remember the whole thing like it just happened yesterday. I think it was actually my most emotionally-intense positive moment ever.

To give you an idea of just how intense a day it was for me: the day before, I had actually been searching around on the internet looking for a job to move on to next to gain more experience from, for when I didn’t get into any vet schools and would have to try again next year.

Yup. I was convinced enough that I wasn’t going to get into vet school that I had printed out application forms for jobs working with more species.

So: best day ever. (Just writing about it makes my eyes well up.) (Yea, I’m a sap.)

Exactly a year later, I’m in Edinburgh with Joe, and we just saw our first snow in Scotland this morning. I’ve been a vet student for about 3 months, and I’m absolutely loving it! So far, among other things, I’ve held a real heart in my hands, professed my love for connective tissues, given myself motion sickness while looking down a microscope, milked several cows, turned sheep over so they sat on their butts, come home on the bus smelling like the nasty parts of a farm, and learned 10+ breeds of cows and sheep each.

Also, a cow peed on my shoulder last month.

We took our first exam today, and I’m really happy with how it went.

So, Happy Vetstudentversary! I’m celebrating by listening to exceptionally fun music while I work on my lab book, and I already treated myself to a chocolate bar and a little dance in the snow earlier.

Hope everybody is doing well, staying warm, and enjoying the holiday season!!


After our White Coat Ceremony!

First live animal interaction of vet school (horse anatomy practical, back in September)


just before sunset on the Royal Mile, a few days ago



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