Year 1: finished.

The last of the grades are in for the semester, meaning that my first year of vet school is officially done. Have to say: I’m pretty happy with my grades, and thrilled with how much we’ve already learned in such a relatively short time, so… cheers!

Not to worry! We did celebrate the end of year 1, albeit somewhat prematurely (halfway through exam week after we’d completed the first, more daunting set of exams). A vet school friend, Joe, and I went to the Whisky & Haggis House off of the Royal Mile for dinner, and it was delicious.

This one was my first Bruichladdich, and every last drop was magical.

Whisky GOOD. Whisky VERY GOOD. I’ve been spoiled here in Scotland; I don’t think I’ll ever quite appreciate cheap whisky ever again. (Will definitely still enjoy it, just not quite as much.)

Also, I know some people think it sounds gross or whatever, but haggis. is. amazing. Honestly, I’m going to miss it someday when we leave this country.

So now, it’s technically my summer break before second year starts in September. It’s more a summer “break” though, as a good portion of it is going to be spent working on EMS weeks (weeks spent working full-time with large numbers of various types of animal). But I’m actually mostly alright with it (even though it has commandeered so much of my school-free time) because it means–by definition–that I get to work hands-on with animals.

Not an awful deal!

I already went and finished my first week of summer EMS the week just after exams, working with small mammals (and reptiles and birds) at a lovely farm in the middle of the city. I made some lovely friends there, including a sweet and funny little adolescent duck named Olive.

You know I took a whole bunch of a pictures while snuggling with her. (She’s so cute, I just couldn’t help it!!!)

Snuggly duck!

Funny selfie duck!

Curious duck!!

I may have loved that duck a little too much. (Oli + Olive = best friends. So there.)

Shortly after that EMS week, I got to take my first ever horseback riding lesson!! It was AMAZING. I am absolutely wonderfully thrilled at how much fun it was! I’m especially happy that I’m taking the lessons from a very good instructor  who teaches Western riding style, as opposed to the more “formal” English riding technique. This option was recommended to me by the equine professor who teaches us at the vet school, and I totally love her for it. This style is totally something I can connect with, and I loved every minute of my first lesson. I’m learning on a lovely horse named Gucci–hopefully I can get a picture of her next time I’m over there! She’s mostly quarter horse with just a little bit of thoroughbred in her, and she’s lovely and (kind of mostly) patient, plus shes very food-driven, so I feel like I can relate to her at some level!

I can’t wait to go back for my second lesson. It’s like I’ve been having cravings ever since.

Besides EMS and the riding lesson, I’ve mostly been taking advantage of my new free time by doing whatever I want, which has mostly been some combination of wandering around Edinburgh, reading, watching Netflix, and cooking. We did get three days of actual summer weather last week–three whole days! can you even imagine?!--so Joe and I jumped on the opportunity and headed over to Arthur’s Seat for a walk in the sun! It was lovely! It was almost 70 degrees (F) out! I actually got to wear shorts and not freeze!!

Yes, it’s quite sad. We do live in Scotland, now, so we have to look at the bright side of things when they are indeed bright. (To be fair, the sun does stay up every night now until about 11pm only to rise once again at around 4:30am, but I think the contrast on it is broken or something, because it just doesn’t seem to be very livening out there very often.)

But it was a lovely wander around the Salisbury Crags that day!!

Alright, well I guess that’s enough of an update out of me for now and it had better be because there is a lovely mushroom cottage pie fresh out of the oven waiting for us on the counter. Hope everybody is enjoying their summers!! and maybe I’ll manage to update a little bit more often while the free time sticks around. :)


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