LOVE IS EQUAL. A decision has finally been made!

Today, US history has been rewritten once again, with the Supreme Court effectively legalizing gay marriage nationwide!!

I cannot express how absolutely thrilled I am to see the US government do something so wonderfully right. It has been so hard these days to watch the news streaming out of my home country and keep a positive attitude, but today’s headlines glimmer of pride and new-found hope.

(Plus, there are rainbows ALL OVER my everythingontheinternet. The wordpress page I’m writing from RIGHT NOW has a rainbow banner spanned beautifully across it. I am loving this.)

So… there is the potential here for me to wax poetic about what this victory means, but I don’t think I can do it even the slightest justice all on my own, so I’m going to let some others help me out today!

First of all: There is so much unbridled joy today in the US that there’s a big goofy grin pasted onto my face today. Just look at all these smiles!

I love it. I absolutely love this, too. It actually brought tears to my eyes. (Suggestion: turn your speakers down a tad for this one.)

There is so much more that I could share with you about this news, but 1) you’ve likely already heard it yourself, and 2) there is so much I can think of saying that I fear I would end up with either an under-informed treatise on the subject of political equality or a cheesy essay appropriate only if turned into a school childrens’ song.

Instead, I will leave you with two from my list of favorite quotes.

One from a passionate Scottish woman from an entirely different social era:

“Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it.” -Frances Wright

And one from a genius of a somewhat different sort:

“Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious.” -Carl Sagan

My greatest hope is that this Supreme Court decision today–as momentous and joyous an event as it is–ends up being just one more step towards a brighter, more loving future for humanity as a whole. As I referred to earlier, the social climate within the United States is in dire straits at the very moment, with resentment, corruption, and aggression seeping insidiously from the seams. To contemplate just this, and to then take a step back and consider the situation elsewhere on this Earth can spell a complete and total breakdown of positive morale, if done too earnestly. The contrast between the awful tension and violence within the United States and the unthinkable atrocities being committed in some other nations is as dizzying as the contemplation of the minuteness of our own planet in comparison with the enormity of the massive sun we orbit which claims so very little significance in the grander scheme of that picturesque galaxy in such a vastness of a universe–and yet, the state of affairs within our own species is not quietly lovely or stunningly intricate, but rather dreadful and heartbreaking and grim. To take a step even further back and attempt to factor in the pain and suffering that extends beyond that of just our own species is simply too much to bear fully; one is forced to compartmentalize these thoughts and take them singly as their own, separate tragedies.

It can be so hard to climb out of these trenches once you’ve tripped and gone hurtling into them in the first place, but it’s days like today that can extend a hand down to help you back up into the daylight–if you know when to take a victory for its worth. Today was a glorious day for a very considerable number of people; it has brought relief, it has brought acceptance, and it has brought hope. With renewed confidence and uplifted spirits, we have the opportunity today to try once again to look forward to a day when all of Earth’s beings might be finally granted the freedom to experience life as an opportunity to be respected, to be treated fairly, and to be happy.

To somewhat ironically quote from a rather inappropriate source:

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” –Sun Tzu (The Art of War)

Hey. In this day and age, we take what we get and use what we can, right? Recycling and repurposing is the name of the game. ;)

I’ll leave you to celebrate today’s beautiful news with this adorable photo I’ve gone ahead and borrowed (with permission!) from a very dear friend of his darling little friend, Merlin.

Love is love!


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