It’s already here: our first wedding anniversary!

One year ago today,more of our loved ones than I have ever seen in one place joined us in a gorgeous garden to help us celebrate the best friendship I’ve known. The weather held up beautifully despite warnings all through the preceding week of massive thunderstorms; the flowers–the orchids, the lilies, the jasmine, the dahlias–were exquisite and fragrant; the food was delicious; the saree I wore was just the most gorgeous stretch of material I have ever seen in the most jaw-dropping hue of red possible (even though I had given the most difficult, ridiculous requests to my grandmother all the way over in India); the music brought tears to my eyes; nobody had any clothing malfunctions (besides a near miss with a flame by the groom himself)… the whole thing was so incredibly perfect I could just go on and on and on! People, jewelry, colors, waitstaff, drinks, photographer, decorations, the dinner reception in our own fancied-up garden!!–on and on and on.

And my father had been so sneaky, two years ago on July 4th, in tricking me into “choosing the venue by myself”. What a perfect, perfect location! (What a creative way to get a stubborn, controlling bride to cooperate!) Not only were the Grounds for Sculpture gorgeous and verdant and peaceful, but they also let us be ourselves after the ceremony and have an absolutely grand time goofing off amongst all the sculptures and odd installments. (We got some hilarious wedding photos, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.)

Sneaky dad may be sneaky, but he knows what he’s doing. ;)

So does my mother, in letting me have my way and helping me do so much of the set-up in DIY-style. I love how everything turned out–from my Vassar ladies in sarees with just-right blouses, to the decorations, to the favors–perfect. Just how I wanted it.

Seriously, my whole family gave so much for this one day; I will never stop being grateful. A wedding can be such a scary proposition, but it went through flawlessly and even so much better than I had ever imagined it could. And to feel so pretty, and to have so many loved ones around in the same place at the same time? Honestly a day to remember for the rest of our lives.

I love, love, love going back and looking through the photos. Just thinking about that day makes me smile all big and goofy all over again! Perfect, perfect day. I become an instant scatterbrain whenever I go to recall it because it was just so overwhelmingly awesome.

And so it’s our first wedding anniversary today! Already! How is this even possible? I’ve been a married woman for a year. There’s a small child inside my head jumping up and down going, “Ewww what?! HOW?”

I guess I’ll never be a “grown-up.” I guess that’s okay, because it’s been just about seven-and-a-half years since we started dating, and now we’ve been married a whole one, too–and I’ve laughed through almost every single day so far.

And a very happy anniversary to my Didun and Dadai too! It was so good of them to share their special day with us, not to mention all they did themselves for our wedding!

Life is good.


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