Today, I ran.

Today, these feet ran 5k.

Actually, to be more precise: today, these feet ran more than 5k–they ran 3.26 miles, without stopping or slowing down to walk.

That’s the very first time I have ever run more than 2-and-a-half miles in one go, and even that had been a great first for me, as of a week ago. And I’ve been working on this for months. Months. For months, I’ve been walking, jogging, somewhereinbetweening through screaming feet, burning lungs, subluxating hips, crunching knees…

As I walked home from the Meadows today, the cool, soft dark of the Edinburgh night seemed to liven the scent of jasmine perfume still left on my wrists from the morning. Or maybe it was the extra sweat dripping down my arms, re-moistening the long-dried oil. The sweet whisper of my favorite scent entangled with the briny strains of exhausted sweat and tears of pride to produce a near-intoxicating effect–definitely not something I’d bottle, but an encounter I’d love to experience again.

This is success. This is the progenitor of revitalized hope, of pride, and–maybe best of all–of a good night’s sleep. ;)

Today, I ran 5k.


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