A peculiar new reading corner?

Today in Edinburgh, we are having a typical Scottish day, as far as the weather goes. It’s not necessarily dark, and it’s not necessarily wet… but it’s raining on and off, and there’s enough cloud- (or whatever it is) cover to make the “sunshine” more of a white, muted “bright”. (Think old fluorescent bulb, maybe?)

But I woke up today feeling beautifully sunny inside–I turned on some music and made breakfast while singing along, then contemplated all the wonderful things I could do in ALL THE FREE TIME I am so lucky to have today!! (after having spent the past week working away on a dairy farm, for EMS), and then eventually flopped over on the futon to dig into a good book.

And that’s where things got fidgety.

I lasted about half an hour on the futon before deciding that that particular spot is not optimal for morning/midday reading. 1) It’s rather dark on that side of the room, regardless of what’s coming in from the window. 2) The sounds of youtube and other such activities of Joe’s aren’t optimal for my “me-time”, and 3) between the shape of the futon and the tendency of its mattress to slip further and further down, it’s a little difficult to hold any position besides mostly horizontal for any extended period of time.

So, I migrated over to the bedroom, turned on ALL THE LIGHTS, and tried desperately to rearrange the blankets and pillows onto the bed in whatever fashion I could to avoid succumbing to a nap while reading. Eh. Satisfactory enough.

It wasn’t until I had to take a quick bathroom-break that I realized how incredibly sub-optimal my new reading conditions still were. I had an epiphany.

And then I retracted it.

But now I’m considering it again.

Can I read in the bathtub?

I mean, I’d only do it after ensuring that all surfaces are clean and dry…

That room gets so much lovely natural light! And the skylight being up there serves a dual-purpose whenever it rains (which, this being Scotland, is pretty often)–it sounds just like a rain-on-the-roof backing track in there! And I’ve decorated the room so nicely!

…and the bathtub doesn’t look incredibly uncomfortable…

I could just drag a blankie or some pillows in there.


There must be others who have done this.

I mean, it would only work during the hours of relative daylight from up above, but those could be precious me-time hours!

It’s just another way of being resourceful, right? Looking on the bright side?


might be insane.


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