So, as those who know me know way too well, I can be really, really bad at keeping in touch.

Often enough, I end up spending a good deal of my free time running in crazy-person-circles inside my head trying to figure out WHO DO I EMAIL NEXT?! WHAT DO I WRITE?! I NEVER WROTE BACK TO SO-AND-SO ON FACEBOOK, DID I?! and then ultimately failing to get much of anything done as a result of all the indecision and guilt.
It’s a vicious cycle. So this blog was originally an attempt at bridging some of that social gap. Hasn’t been entirely successful, but I think I’ll keep trying.

More than anything now, I think this blog has become just another medium for my endless ramblings. Maybe just for me. Maybe someone out there will find it entertaining. (How cool would that be?!)

I am currently a vet student at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies (yes, that is actually what it’s called) of the University of Edinburgh, so that leaves me living far from home in Edinburgh, Scotland, in a flat with my husband, my textbooks, and a bunch of plants. The streets are charming, the hills are lovely, the shortbread is delightful, and bagpipes can indeed be heard somewhere or another on a regular basis. There is plenty to write about.

I love ranting, and I love sharing, and there are so many occasions on which I have something I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to share with somebody and then never end up getting to do so. So I’m hoping this blog will serve to alleviate some of this. This blog is basically some sort of mishmash of all sorts of nonsense: some animal stuff, dance stuff, some crafty stuff, some orchid stuff (actually probably a whole ton of orchid stuff), updates on various personal event-ish things, probably a good number of rants, the occasional random aspirations and curious ponderings, a few feeble attempts at being philosophical or inspired… you know, life.

Also, I LOVE to take photos. I LOVE pretty things, and I like to try to share them. One of the first things I put on my list of things to bring on the move to Edinburgh was my beloved camera. I bought a new lens before moving, just for the sake of capturing the hills and castles of Scotland.
So expect lots of pictures.

OH. And I spend a good deal of my free days (however few there are) messing about at a falconry. So there’s a bit of a crazy-bird-lady thing going on here. Again, expect pictures. (Owls are just too stinking cute!!)

Alright. That’s the “About Me” section sorted, I guess.

Love and wishes of sunshine, delicious food, and moving music to all, and I hope you enjoy the blog! <3




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